Recreating Leftovers

Obviously, you know that I eat a lot of leftovers, especially for lunch. 😉

But what may be not so obvious, especially as of late, is that I prefer to recreate my leftovers instead of just eating the same boring meal 3 days in a row. It has just happened to be the case lately due to lack of time and energy to be creative!

But yesterday, I got to get creative!


I love me some wraps! I feel like I haven’t had one in ages!

Started with a La Tortilla wrap and some homemade garlic and sundried tomato hummus.


Then some leftover fried eggplant from my Eggplant Tomato Bake.


And loads of spinach.


Wrapped up.


With a side of FSTG chips and hummus.

007 008 006

Hopefully, more “different” lunches in my future!



One Response

  1. I am so uncreative with my leftovers. Usually I’ll just throw in some spinach or make it into a wrap, but that’s about it. But I love love leftovers so much, that I don’t mind at all repeating a good meal

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