Waffle Wednesday

The best part about Wednesdays is waffles. What’s even better about this Wednesday is that really, it’s like a Thursday because we have Good Friday off! Woohoo!

Last night, when I walked in the door at near 10pm after my last shift at Nordie’s (that unfortunately, was rather anti-climactic), I saw the waffle iron already set up on the counter! I have the boy trained good. 😉 He even made the batter and had it all ready to go in the fridge.

Have I ever mentioned I’m spoiled rotten?

I rolled out of bed when I heard the beep of the waffle iron heated, trompled downstairs, and the boy was already well on his way to having everything done! Love it!

Last night, we had decided the topping of the day would be strawberries since we had a huge container of them from Costco. (I’m thinking I am going to make that strawberry salad again tonight with dinner!)


Glorious waffles!


I know it isn’t as pretty, but I prefer the waffles on the smaller side, and not completely filling the iron.


We have leftover waffles a-plenty so I’m thinking I might have to give Susan’s cottage cheese/nut butter/maple syrup combo another try. (It was disasterous last time!)

I’m thinking that will be a good breakfast for Friday before we head down to my Grandma’s for the weekend!

Do you have Good Friday off? Got any big weekend plans?



2 Responses

  1. I like waffle Wed:) We love having breakfast for dinner!

  2. Damn straight the best part of Wednesday is waffles!! 😛 I made mine too big today and it overflowed the iron. I prefer them on the smaller side too though.

    I have a whole four days off this weekend and nothing to do. I may lose my mind.

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