Another Chapter Closed… For Now.

Today marks my last shift at Nordstrom.

It’s been a ride.

For those of you that haven’t been following me, let me break it down.

In November of last year, I decided to find  a second job to help us make ends meet, especially during the holidays.

My full-time job, while I really love it, doesn’t pay me a whole lot and offers zero benefits. That means I am paying out of pocket health care and every time I take time off, it’s a direct hit on my paycheck. It’s not exactly an ideal situation.

So with the holidays and a wedding swiftly approaching and my savings account continually under $500 and living paycheck to paycheck, I took a seasonal job, SEASONAL, at Nordstrom to help get us through the holidays and hopefully save up some money to have a little bit of a cushion to alleviate some day to day stress.

I really didn’t mind working two jobs … for the first two months.

The holidays were a busy time. My paychecks were really nice. Time flew by. Yeah, I worked 27 days in a row without a day off between the two jobs, but we were able to comfortably get through the holidays.

January rolled around and two people left our department. My manager asked me to stay on through the month until she got replacements. No problem! The money sure has been nice! I’ve had a few days off! Why not?

Then another person left in January.

And I found myself on the schedule for February.

Then another person put in their notice in February.

And I wound up on the schedule for March.

Then I put my foot down.

There is no way I can keep doing what I am doing and plan a wedding and still remain sane. The sanity is already questionable.

Working two jobs has put a significant strain on my relationship. I have less time to spend with the boy. And the time we do spend together is on a mission to accomplish tasks and do chores, not just be.

The upside to working there for now over 4 months is that my savings account has grown to a comfy $3k+. It’s a nice cushion and that relieves a lot of stress and worry. I’ve also been a lot less frugal these past months. I’ve gone out to eat way more than usual. I’ve treated myself to some new clothes and lots of trouser socks. And we’ve splurged on things like concert tickets, baseball tickets, and IMAX movies.

But now it’s time to get back down to business. I’m cinching up the purse strings again. And hopefully, my belt will be thankful as well. We have some really exciting, albeit expensive, times coming up and I think our frugality is going to be put to the test. 

I’m also walking away from this with some new friends. I know there will always be a tan smiling face at the eBar to make me a misto. I know there will always be someone excited to show me the latest and greatest trouser sock. And there will always be someone to smell the leather of a new bag with me.

Anniversary sale begins in July, I think. So I’ll probably go back (as a married woman!) and work for another month or two. Then take a couple few months off and work the holidays again. Rinse. Repeat.

Or not.

Our big plan is to move over to the other side.

The other side of the water, that is.

That way we aren’t each commuting 2+ hours a day. This should also help with the sanity issue.

Who am I kidding?! Nothing will help our sanity! It’s in our genes. 😉


4 Responses

  1. its abit cheaky of them to keep adding u to the list!
    my boss is doing that for me at the moment even know she knows im leaving. its great youv saved up a good amount though 🙂 hope it makes your mind rest better !
    peony xx

  2. Taking a break is a GOOD thing homie! LTD (live the dream…live the dream)

  3. Insanity..definitly runs in the genes!

  4. It is SO easy to get sucked in to working those types of jobs! It seems they’re always short staffed, and it’s so hard to say no when the work isn’t bad and the extra pay is nice. But quality time with the people you love (including yourself!) is veryvery important. I’m happy you’re leaving on a good note there in case you ever need the extra moulah again. It’s definitely been a crazy past few months for you!

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