The Local Yolk

Ya’ll know my obsession with eggs.

I love ‘em.

All of ‘em.

Any way.

So when we got a new restaurant in town called The Local Yolk, I was all over that!


Can’t go wrong with a place that has a big ol’ egg as their logo! 😉

We loved the menu!


It was extensive and looked delicious! It had your traditional breakfast meals along with some new twists on some traditional meals!

I ended up going with a twist while Jodus went with a classic.

I ordered the Incredible Hash – I love corned beef hash and when I saw this had egg plant and bell peppers, I was stocked! AND 3 eggs?! I’m in!


Holy moly!

016 015 017

With a biscuit on the side…

018 021

Jodus went with the biscuits and gravy with eggs and hash browns.

019 020

We are expert breakfast eaters.


No problems polishing it off! I was really really satisfied and loved my meal. Jodus was a little sad with the lack of meat in the gravy but it was still good! We will definitely be returning!! I’m already looking forward to ordering the Veggie Benedict next time!


2 Responses

  1. That eggplant bake looks fantastic!! I think being a recipe tester is just fine, you don’t always have to make original things 😉

  2. Ooohhh yes, I am all over that three-egg hash!! Love that there’s another blogger out there who loves the yolk as much as I do 😉

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