Seattle Symphony

Last night, going to the symphony was exactly what we needed. It was a great way to relax! It helps that we scored some free tickets. 😉

We started our classy night off with a rich dinner.


Oh yeah! Love me some Subway! We didn’t have time between me getting home from work to make dinner and clean up and get into the city.


I had a foot long veggie on honey oat bread.


It totally hit the spot!

We fought traffic into the city and got parked with some time to spare so we hit up the triple door just in time to catch the end of Happy Hour!


I went with a Mango Sun that had rum, mango, and pineapple.


Oh yeah, I made it a double!

Then we walked over to Benroya Hall.


It was my first time inside and it is gorgeous!

057 075 058 059

Our seats weren’t great but we can’t complain.

060 064 065 066 067

Unfortunately, my view consisted of this for the evening.


Um, yeah.

We really enjoyed the music. The second half, after they brought out the pianist, was much better than the first.


The music itself was really difficult to follow. It was a bit schizophrenic. The gentleman next to us actually left during intermission because it said it wasn’t his style. I felt like it should have been the background to a trippy animated film like Fantasia. 

Jodus and I were highly amused by a beard the entire time though. 😀


See the guy in the middle? All that white? Yeah, it’s all beard baby!

Yes, we are that mature.

PS – I was wearing a new dress that I bought this week!


I wore it to work this morning with a blazer and nude fishnets.


(Ignore my morning scowl.)

And tonight, I switched out the blazer for my cardigan and switched into black back seam hose!


Sorry, I didn’t get any full body shots even though the boy tried.



3 Responses

  1. I sure had fun going into the city for the symphony. It was a much needed “date night”. I gots to have my quality time with the W2B!

    And OMG, I LOVE your morning scowl. I feel so lucky to be the one person that will get to be greeted by that look every morning for the rest of my life. 😉

    You looked so beautiful in your new dress. What a great find!

    I would have told you these things in person, but alas….you’re working at Nordie’s. 😦 Not for too much longer though! Only a couple of shifts to go!!

  2. Did you go to the symphony or a ZZ Top concert?

  3. I love reading your blog and everyday life adventures ;] You two seem like such a great couple, I wish you all the best of luck in life!

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