It’s Coming Together

We are 70 days away from The Big Day! Things are really starting to come together! It seems over the last couple of weeks, especially!

A week or two ago, we picked up Jodus’ wedding band.


Really interesting, it is made of Cobalt! I like the simplicity but that it still has some design and character to it. He’s not a plain-old-band kind of guy.

Yesterday, we picked up my band.


It’s palladium, with the diamonds going 3/4’s of the way around the band so it is still sizeable.


I’m really excited to start wearing them! I know the boy is too!

My outfit is pretty much all together – as soon as the alterations are complete and my crinoline slip arrives!

I know I haven’t shown you all the dress. You will just have to wait and see! It has a very strong vintage feel to it. I know you will love it.

I selected shoes that I also feel are a bit vintage-y.

017 016

I’m in love with the peep-toe! I contemplated doing pink shoes to match part of my dress but was having a difficult time finding the right shoe in the right color so ivory it is!

A couple of days ago, I got this clutch from Nordstrom.


I love the appliqué flowers!


This bag also has a chain strap inside if I wanted to put it on my shoulder.

So far, this is the necklace of choice.


I know it is a little chunky for a wedding. Most brides elect something more on the dainty side. But we aren’t going totally traditional and I think this necklace is more cohesive with the vintage theme.


And of course, you all of seen my fascinator already.


Still in love with it!


And I’m still leaning towards doing a soft side bun for the day.


Trial hair run is still a couple months out though. I’m waiting until my hair is grown out as much as possible.

And last but most certainly not least, a couple other little things to help things go more smoothly – literally.


Spanx and tip-toes.

The Spanx are the high-waisted brief style. I don’t need to worry about smoothing thighs and butt with the style of my dress but the waist needs all the help it can get.

And the tip-toes add a little extra padding to the bottom of my shoes and will prevent feet slippage.

The main thing I am still waiting on to complete my look is my bouquet that my grandmother is building for me. Our inspiration:


And I think that is basically it.

It’s really happening.

Whether we want it to or not!




7 Responses

  1. I love wedding details! Looks like your planning is coming along nicely! we have just under 2 months to go and hopefully will buy our rings next week. we’re a little behind:)

  2. I absolutely LOVE our wedding bands and simply can’t wait to be wearing mine. It feels really good to see a lot of the details coming together. We’re going to have an amazing wedding/reception!!! Vegas will be such a fun way to start off our marriage!

    OMG! We’re actually getting married……..whether we want to or not…..


  3. I don’t know what to wear…and still haven’t reserved a room. 😦

    • I booked my dad a room at the Imperial Palace, which is right next door to the Flamingo. It was only about $80/night as opposed to the Flamingo’s rate of around $165/night. You might want to check it out. Look forward to seeing you there!!!

  4. Holy moly everything is GORGEOUS! I love it all, especially the shoes and the clutch. Good choices!

  5. I can’t believe your wedding is so soon! It seems like Jodus JUST proposed!!! I lovelovelove the style of everything. I’m a big fan of the vintage look. While I do like dainty jewelry, I’m also in love with that necklace. You are going to be one classy bride!! 😀

  6. I love your rings!!! OMG the shoes…LOVES peep toes!!! It’s going to be so pretty!!

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