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It’s basically Friday! Yeeehaw! Three 14 hour days in a row down, 1 kick butt weekend coming right up!

Last night, the boy rocked it by making some waffle batter and bringing out the waffle iron. So I think that still counts as a tribute to “Waffle Wednesday!”

001 002 003 004

This morning, it was so quick and easy to whip up these beauties!


I topped them with 1 mashed banana and a butter/agave blend.


I think I was a little heavy handed with the agave. They were a bit sweet! I forget how naturally sweet naners are!

I headed off to work with tea in tow!

[Insert 3 cups worth of green tea here.]

Work was a nice steady pace today. It never lulled but wasn’t insanely busy! Loved it! I wish everyday could be like that! All morning, I kept thinking it was Friday already though!

[Insert 3 chocolate covered mini donuts here.]

For a (more substantial) mid-morning snack, I had an HB egg.


This was one tough cookie to peel.

Did you know that the older the eggs are, the easier it is to peel? At least, that is my experience. So if you are planning to boil eggs for Easter, buy your eggs now and let them sit in the fridge for a week or so before you boil!

For lunch, I ate tuna casserole.


And I split this naner with Christina.


[Insert 1 mini blueberry muffin here.]

I left work early to do a work-related errand. I ended up having a string cheese on the road.


And I ended up getting to job #3 a with a decent amount of time to kill!

[Insert tall soy misto here.]

Dinner rolled around quite quickly! I had leftover Blackened Tilapia, agave peas, and roasted potatoes. Note: I am really looking forward to getting back into the kitchen. A 3 day hiatus is much more than I care to have!


And dessert was a couple of cuties!


And that was all she wrote!

(Oh, and another RSVP decline today! Grand total still at 20!)



3 Responses

  1. Dang! I bet you are looking forward to the weekend! Any big plans? I heard the weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend in Seattle!

  2. Okay first, I love your necklace in that last post!

    Yayyy Waffle Wed-err-Thursday! 😉 Really, every day of the week should be celebrated with waffles.

    Interesting about hard boiled eggs! Someone told me it had something to do with temperature once. Oh wait, maybe that had to do with the yolks turning grey. I think if they chill too quickly or are kept cooked in the fridge for too long?

  3. Love hard boiled eggs, still really haven’t found the secret to a perfect peel. Tried em old, tried em new. Tried cooking with salt, haven’t tried the pin hole in the shell trick yet. I even tried Eggland’s Best already peeled eggs at the grocers, but they taste funny.

    I think you and Jodus have Wafflemania 🙂 if there is such a thing.

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