Green Day

I presume you all are wearing your green today? The boy did!


Me too!


(Ignore one squinty eye and awkward hand and dorky head set.)

And a really fun necklace!


I’ve had it for years and still love it!

Breakfast was ridiculously quick and easy this morning!

I toasted us up some Noah’s honey wheat bagels and topped them with whipped cream cheese.


And to get some more nutrients in my carbarific breakfast, I had a cutie and half a baby banana!


I was stuffed after all those carbs!


And I had tea to-go again! I’m loving my Teavana splurge! hehe…

Mid-morning, I snacked on an egg for some pro + fat.


And a cookie for some delight!


At noon on the dot, I dove into lunch!


I had leftover Italian drop soup.


And for some extra substance, I also had the smallest leftover Blackened Tilapia.


I am 100% happy with these dishes I purchased awhile back to keep at the office! I am in love with them and they make lunch much more fun! And I don’t even mind having to do the dishes afterward! 😉

After lunch, I had my my first ever performance review for quasi-job#2. (My day job consists of 2 part time assisting gigs in the same office and then Nordie’s in the evenings is currently job #3.) Don’t fret! It went well!


Who! How did that get in there?!


After #1 & #2, I went to #3. It was kinda busy. It was nice. Reminded me more of the holidays back when I liked my job.

I had a string cheese on the ride over.


Dinner was a massive portion of leftover spaghetti that wasn’t eaten until 7:45 pm. *grumble*grumble*


I was adament on getting 4 servings of leftovers our of it for some reason. But I think these containers are deceiving. I easily could have done 5, maybe even 6 healthy sized servings and still been happy. But I ate it all anyway cuz that’s what I do.

I had 2 unpictured cuties for dessert #1.

And dessert #2 was cookies at 10pm to easy my pain.


It helped.


Happy “I wore green” day!

Tomorrow will be a belated Waffle Wednesday! Wouldn’t want to steal St. Patty’s thunder! 😉

PS – if you want a laugh, read this open letter to St. Patrick from one of our local radio guys. Hilarious. I listen to him every morning!



3 Responses

  1. yeppers I wore green…had too – every day – it’s the uniform!!!! (I love St. Patty’s day though!)

  2. I wore earrings that had green on them…just so I wouldn’t get pinched. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really my thing…and my Irish boyfriend didn’t even know it was yesterday until I told him. Ha, we’re lame.

  3. Ya know, sometimes I make goofy faces that are meant just for you. I’m going to have to stop doing that I think. Somehow, they always seem to find their way online anyway. :-p

    I love your lunchtime dishes we found at Pier 1 Imports too. They definitely class it up a bit. And they’re probably safer than always reheating food in tupperware like I do everyday.

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