Laying It Out

I was spoiled rotten this morning.

The boy had some breakfast thing at work today so he didn’t need me to make him breakfast this morning. Not saying that he needs me to make him breakfast every morning. I do that willingly. But you know what I mean.

It also turned out that we had some leftover pancakes in the fridge too.

So I slept in. A good 45 minutes extra. It was really nice.

And breakfast was ridiculously easy. Just reheated the pancakes, smothered them with almond butter, and sprinkled with the last of my carob chips.

001 002

Super easy. And quick.

Except somehow, I was still late to work?

Oh well.

I did take tea with me.

But didn’t get a pic.

I almost had a panic attack this morning when my camera had a brain fart. But I think it’s all gravy. But I did have a moment where I thought that maybe I could justify getting a Rebel if our camera broke. But I guess not today.

Lunch was leftover Fiery Tofu soup.

003 004

And a string cheese.


I needed the salt.

Weird fact: I prefer my string cheese at room temp, not cold. They taste better. And the texture is better.

Afternoon snack was some cuties. They’ve been accumulating on my desk.


I ate 3 of them. I gave the last one to Christina.

And she gave me a chocolate. I think I won that trade.


And I ate my bunny from yesterday. And 2 skittles.

After work, I went to work. Can March please be over?

Dinner was leftover tuna noodle casserole.


And a HB egg.


*nom*nom*nom* so goooooood!

Today, Jodus and I have been going over our next few months.

Crazy times, I tell you. Let me lay it out.

March: finish working like a crazy person.

April: recoup from working like crazy person. Do random wedding stuff. Jodus gone for 1 week for work. Sleepover with Christina planned. Christina B-Day drinks planned. Start working out again.

May: resume crazy person status but because of wedding. Month will be full of random shit. I have to start tanning. (don’t hate) I have to have my trial run for my hair. My last dress fitting. Jodus will be gone 1 week for work. Will probably have another sleepover with Christina that week cuz I don’t like being alone. Um, GET MARRIED. Have kick ass weekend in Vegas.

June: Work a few days, unpack, pack, go on Honeymoon. Tie up wedding shizz after honeymoon. U2 concert. Jodus gone for work last 2 weeks of June. Possible sleepover with Christina. (Are you seeing a trend?) Very very slim chance in hell I might be moving all our shizz. Very slim.

July: Red Sox in town, go to 2 games. I think that’s it for this month. There might be 4th of July festivities. I don’t know. Prob do a weekend with my pops. Something. It’ll get busy. Maybe do a hike? Prob not since I think I will be working at Nordie’s again for Anniversary sale. Love/Hate relationship.

August: MY BIRTHDAY! And no, we are not going to attempt to through another party again. Epic FAIL. ALSO, Lady Gaga is in town. Going to try to score some tix. Exciting stuff, I tell you!

September: Jodus’ turn to be a crazy person. His work is relentless in Sept. End of fiscal year shizz. He’ll be working ’round the clock. Boo. Maybe a Labor Day trip to Idaho?

Okay, that’s the end of my projections. Basically, my point is, things are gonna get crazy. Crazier than they already are. And we are getting married. WTF.

My fellow bride-readers and former-brides – how often do you think/did you think "WTF – are we really doing this? Is this really happening?" whilst engaged? I’m not panicking so don’t you worry about me. It’s just a little surreal. That’s all.


oh boy.

In other news, 20% of our RSVPS are returned and so far, we have 20 people, including ourselves! If our RSVPS kept coming back at the same exact rate as they have been thus far, we’d have double the anticipated number of guests that we budgeted for. Sorry, that’s the number nerd in me.

And continuing in other news, wedding related, I’ve been going back and forth on jewelry for the big day. I’ve decided on pearls. But not a straight strand. My mother is sending me a set to try. One of the gals at work gave me a necklace to try, and today, I bought another necklace to try. I plan to bring them all to my next dress fitting and hope that one of them pans out. I also put a clutch on hold at work to buy this weekend as well. YAY!



4 Responses

  1. I like my string cheese at room temp too – I take it out of the fridge at work…and let it sit on my desk for a few – then enjoy!!!! You have some busy times coming up girlie!!!! You’re wedding will be here before you know it!!!!

  2. Wow your schedule makes my head hurt. But it’s mostly really good things! And yes, you win on the chocolate for clementine trade. I am up to my ears in citrus from my CSA, and I’m not a huge fan. Give me apples or strawberries…or, caramel chocolate 🙂

  3. Looking at the stuff other people have to do makes me feel like I must get overwhelmed so easily. I can barely manage working and exercising! lol!

  4. Don’t forget to squeeze in a visit with Mom.

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