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Case of the Mondays

When I think of Monday mornings, only one thing come to mind.


I am such a grump! I really feel bad for Jodus most mornings. But he’s a champ.

It being darker out today did not help matters at all!

But after 3 cups of tea and a delicious breakfast, I was feeling more like myself!


I made us bagel breakfast sandwiches complete with 1 fried egg, a slice of plastic, some butter, some mayo, and lots of ground pepper on a honey wheat Noah’s bagel from Costco.


My cheap-o gifted tea cage is already failing me.


Look at all that loose tea that came out! Eek! Me no likey! The tea is great though. This morning I did a green tea/ginseng blend.

And I took a to-go mug with me to work too!


I hate wearing my hair that slicked back btw. But I wear a headset at work so this is the most functional hair style without getting crazy bumps and flips going.


I was super duper excited for my morning snack today!


EGG! You all know how much I love my eggs!


I think I might not have boiled them quite long. I love the yolk this done but there was still a little bit of white that was a little squishy. Oh well. Down the hatch it goes!

Lunch was a h-u-g-e bowl of spaghetti that was oh-so satisfying.



I’m pretty sure spaghetti makes the best leftovers … ever.

After lunch today, my dessert was my very last piece of chocolate from my my Christmas gift from our office MP.


I’d say that eating the last piece was bitter sweet but it was milk chocolate instead. 😉

(I crack myself up. Seriously.)

I also scored some Easter candy!


I ate the egg, and saved the bunny for tomorrow.

The day went pretty much downhill from there.

My afternoon at work sucked.

I screwed up and I hate screwing up.


Well, what’s done is done.

I moped all the way home. Watched an episode of Brothers & Sisters and got to work on dinner.

I was really craving roasted potatoes.


I probably could have just eaten an entire bowl of potatoes.


But I resisted the urge.

I made some tilapia to go with.


I used a recipe from an old Cooking LightBlackened Cumin Cayenne Tilapia.

The only change I made was to cut down on the oil a bit. I was using smaller filets than the recipe called for though.

And for some green, I nuked some frozen peas with a little butter and agave.


It was pretty tasty!

048 049 050

Dinner was fantastic. Simple, and tasty. And it didn’t require a lot of active time. Especially the fish. I need to make a mental note to broil my tilapia more often. It only took 5 minutes and was done perfectly.


I might have snacked on a few more potato nubs while I was cleaning up and packing up leftovers. 😉

And there is a pint of ice cream calling my name. It’s one of those nights. I’m gonna cuddle up with my boy and watch some Weeds.

Peace out, Girl Scouts!


3 Responses

  1. mmm I love taters!!! Leah – I love that coat – I have a pink coat that I absolutely ADORE!!!!!

  2. I like my boiled eggs a little on the medium side too! Except, I always forget them on the stove and boil the yolks dry 😦

    BOO to the sucky Monday!! I’m hoping your Tuesday was much better. If not, then send me your address, and I’ll put some sweet treats in the mail for you (wonder how they’d hold up cross-continent/border?)

    Must broil fish…

  3. […] For breakfast, I only wanted one thing: roasted potatoes. I guess I didn’t get my fix last week! […]

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