Mexico On My Mind

I don’t think I’ve ever really participated in Flashback Friday but today, I had the urge to.

This week, ever since we booked our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta, I’ve been reminiscing about my trip to Mazatlan in November, 2008! I went with my dad, his girlfriend at the time, and her son. It wasn’t a perfect vacation by any means, but I did have a blast for most of it! It was 2 full weeks! I like looking back at the pictures chronologically and you can see how much tanner I get!

Mazatlan 013Mazatlan 009  Mazatlan 024 Mazatlan 101 Mazatlan 117 Mazatlan 130 Mazatlan 152 Mazatlan 177 Mazatlan 188 Mazatlan 229 Mazatlan 117 Mazatlan 296 Mazatlan 159 Mazatlan 187 Mazatlan 192 Mazatlan 225 Mazatlan 448 Mazatlan 985Mazatlan 454 Mazatlan 455 Mazatlan 456 Mazatlan 476 Mazatlan 498 Mazatlan 513 Mazatlan 551Mazatlan 535Mazatlan 537 Mazatlan 561Mazatlan 578 Mazatlan 606 Mazatlan 635 Mazatlan 636 Mazatlan 717 Mazatlan 720 Mazatlan 721 Mazatlan 791Mazatlan 345 Mazatlan 346 Mazatlan 351 Mazatlan 934 Mazatlan 365 Mazatlan 955 Mazatlan 963 Mazatlan 970 Mazatlan 971  Mazatlan 997 Mazatlan 1071

What has been the best vacation that you have ever taken?

I think mine was 5 1/2 weeks in India though there was a fair amount of drama on that trip! But the culture and experiences were absolutely amazing!



3 Responses

  1. the best vacation I’ve taken was to Israel on Birthright!! I didn’t have to pay a cent for flight/food/hotel and it was the experience of a lifetime

  2. I simply can’t wait for our honeymoon in Mexico!! June can’t come soon enough for me. 😀

    I’m sure I’ve told you a million times already, but my most memorable vacation so far was my trip to Italy after high school. It was only about 10 days, but I got to see a great deal of the country. The fact that I travelled with a native Italian that was able to show us a side of the local culture most tourists don’t get to see was amazing.

    Of course, that trip will be replaced as my most memorable in just a few months. 🙂

  3. The best vacation I’ve ever had, wasn’t really a vacation. It was L4LNotDad and mine’s honeymoon. 11 countries in 10 days on a Harley…dreamy!

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