Chocolate Covered Friday

I’m doing the “Friday” dance! And it was a pretty sweet Friday, if I do say so myself!

It started off with a scrumptious breakfast!


Mmmmm, burrito!


Scrambled cheesy eggs, soysage, cilantro, hot sauce, sour cream, wrap.


And tea to go!

When Christina got to work, she hooked me up!


Apparently, she made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert last night and gave me a massive one!


So good! Especially at 8am!

For lunch, I headed out with one of our interns. His term is up next week so we did a semi-celebratory lunch at Sushi Maru. He’s been raving about the place for eons and the one time I went before, I wasn’t impressed but I had been there at the tail end of their lunch hour.


Today was soooo much better. There was a huge selection and so many people!

My plates:



Not sure what this one was… something with crab and salmon?


Another salmon thing that was amazing!




Spicy tuna



When we got back to the office, we celebrated one of our advisors 25th birthday! Happy Birthday, Tim! I had a piece of his chocolate cake topped with whip cream and blueberries from Whole Foods.


It was fantastic. It was dense and moist and everything a cake should be!

So, the boy and I had a wonderful date night planned for tonight: A Tom Douglas restaurant for dinner and then IMAX for Alice in Wonderland.

All that came to a screeching halt when I received an email from the IMAX this morning saying they were having technical difficulties and we could reschedule or get a refund! Major bummer!

We ended up rescheduling for next Friday.

So tonight, we had no plans. Nothing on the menu. No idea what we wanted. Nothing pulled out to eat. We went back and forth. Did some googling. We ended up settling on a nearby Mexican joint that got rave reviews online.


It was a tiny joint. It seemed ok though. It was rather loud, and chilly, but the service was prompt. Maybe too prompt. It wouldn’t have killed the hostess to smile either.

Anyway, we started with chips and salsa. And somehow we managed to not polish off the entire basket!


And of course there were margaritas to be had!


For my entree, I ordered the Jalisco Pollo Al Chipotle.


Massive quantities ensued!


I ate the rice and beans and one tortilla filled with my chicken/onion/zucchini/chipotle mix. I boxed up the rest right away to keep my hands out of it! That’ll be the boy’s lunch tomorrow!

Speaking of the boy… He polished off a deluxe burrito at dinner!


I had a bite. It was ok.

Overall, I was not thoroughly impressed. I doubt we return. Sadly. We really miss the Mexican restaurant near our old apartment. It might be worth the drive down there one night.

Our evening was spent with Up In The Air featuring the one and only Mr. George Clooney. He’s a hot piece but I really didn’t care for this flick. Ah well. You can’t win them all.

I did have a nice night cap though!


Mmm, buttery deliciousness!

And I’m off to bed! Working all day tomorrow at Nordie’s! (Going to be so glad when that is done in a few weeks!)



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