Jars & Johns

When I got home from work last night, I basically unloaded everything and went straight to bed. And I’m pretty sure I was passed out within 30 seconds of being in my sleeping position! Sorry to bail on you guys! But I know you understand. 😉


Exciting things happened at my breakfast table!


Yay for nut butter jars!

For two, I did 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of soymilk, a scoop of flax.

For the toppings I just sliced a bunch of strawberries and heated them for about a minute to get all syrupy.


I’m going to show you Jodus’ pretty bowl:


(That’s a little bit of cream! Glorious!)

And my jar:




I ate 90% of it. Oatmeal is so filling!


And coffee!

011 012




When I got to work, I realized I totally forgot to pack a lunch and dinner since I am working tonight so I decided to get in on a Jimmy John’s order at the office!

Since we had ordered, lunch was a tad later than usual so I tied myself over with a cup of cocoa and a cutie.


Last time I had Jimmy Johns, it was my first time, and it was a little stressful to say the least. This time, I had time to peruse the menu and make a decision after mulling it over.


The outcome = success!


I ordered a Gourmet Veggie on 7 grain bread, with provolone, mayo, avocado spread, tomato, onion, sprouts, lettuce, and oregano.


And it was fantastic.

020 021

I helped myself to a bag of salt & vinegar chips too! (Even though I would have been totally fine without!)



For dessert, my boss brought me back a cookie from his lunch!


I managed to hold off on eating it until 3:15 which was amazing for me and I enjoyed it on the car ride into job #4,596!


It wasn’t a bad night at work. Not at all. I worked with one of my favorite people. I kept myself relatively busy. I can’t complain too much. But boy, will I be glad to be done!

Dinner was eaten in a rush since I had errands to run on my break! I picked up the new wedding band for Jodus. We got the wrong size at first. And I spent waaaaaaaay too much money at teavana. Like not even funny amount of money. But more on that later.

I had leftover Quinoa and Greens Pie and Chili Roasted Carrots.


We got a couple more RSVP’s today. A “no” and a “yes”! That makes our guest count officially at 15. I’m a tiny bit worried about how big the guest list is going to get. But we shall see I suppose. Anyway.

And that was all she wrote!



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  2. That oatmeal combo turned out really well! 🙂 Nice job!! It was a pretty decent substitute for Waffle Wednesdays. Although, I think we should definitely celebrate that next week. Maybe I could make the waffle batter the night before. That really seemed to help last time.

    Your sandwich at lunch looks really tasty (for being vegetarian)! J/K.

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