The Honeymooners

I definitely indulged today and it was all fantastic!


My go-to fav: scrambled eggs with hot sauce, cilantro, and sour cream! And today, I even added a slice of cheese! 😀


And a piece of Dave’s.


And my morning Joe.


Mid morning, I had a naner.


It was a big one!

And then Anna brought us fresh WARM bagels from Noah’s that I absolutely could not turn down!


I spread a little tiny bit of cream cheese on it and enjoyed every chewy sweet bite!



Because I had oodles of morning food, I held off on lunch til 1pm which was actually quite nice than trying to break down the fridge door to make it to noon.

Lunch was leftovers from Saturday: carrots, chicken with mustard maple dill sauce, and sundried tomato risotto.

012 013 014

It was all sort of sweet from the maple sauce and the carrots and it was kind of gaggy towards the end.


But not too sweet for dessert!


Christina split a brownie with me that Carol gave her! It was a tad dry but nice and chewy and I liked the chunks of chocolate on top!


At 4:30, I had one of these cuties.


And then I met my Grandparents for dinner! It made me feel good because I was raving about them today on Susan’s post about her grandmother!


We went to Rock Bottom Brewery.


And of course I had to partake in a brew! I elected the humpback pale ale.

019 021

For dinner, I went with the cobb salad with honey mustard. Egg, bacon, and avocado sounded too good to miss out on.

023 024 027

Thanks for dinner, lovely grandparents!


Sadly, they are moving to Maryland next month. I need to get in as much quality time as possible!

Speaking of quality time, Jodus and I finally booked us some quality time together post-wedding!

That’s right! We booked our honeymoon tonight!

Honestly, it was a tiny bit stressful. We’ve been going back and forth over where and what and how and all that for months now but a little birdie told us about Orbitz 48 hour Mexico Vacation sale going on today and we decided to bite the bullet and book it to take advantage of it. We ended up saving over $650 all together with another Orbitz coupon we had!

So where are we going?

golden Crown

10 days, 9 nights in sunny, warm Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!

We are staying at an All-Inclusive Adults-Only resort and it is going to be FABULOUS! Is it June yet?



8 Responses

  1. JEALOUS! I’m sure you two will have a fabulous time. I recently found your blog and love it.

  2. congrats on booking your trip!!! Booking the honeymoon was probably my favorite part of wedding planning. We’re going to Sandals in St. Lucia!

    Your grandparents are SOO young, you are very lucky to have them nearby!

  3. I am SO jealous Leah!!!!!! That is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

  4. Your grandparents look super young too!! You know, I’m not that far away from Maryland, just sayin’ 😉

    Oooh, you two are going to have an awesome honeymoon in Mexico!! I’m happy you actually booked it. So many people put it off and then it never happens. Plus, something extra to look forward to after the madness of the wedding!

    Oh, and that bagel has me foaming at the mouth.

  5. YUMMY Food all around!
    Horay for Honeymoon! I can’t wait to see all the sunny pictures from the beach!
    What a way to start a marriage 😉

  6. How beautiful. I love tropical destinations…

  7. $650.00 amazing, thanks for the heads up about he sale. We need to book our honeymoon too and mexico is at the top of the list!

  8. I’m glad you got the honeymoon book, that’s one less detail to worry about.

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