I got word from my Mom and Dad today that they got their invites! Yay! I had to nag them to actually send back an RSVP though.

Um, yeah, I’m coming. Duh.”

Well how would I know that without getting an RSVP?”

Yes, I’m a smartass to my parentals.


In an effort to try and fend off any sickness, I whipped up a super-spinachy Green Monster this morning.


In the mix for 2: 3 massive handfuls of spinach, 2 cups of soymilk, 1 tsp pure vanilla extract, 2 small bananas, 5 ice cubes.


The result was a super milky elixir. I find I do better with liquidier GM’s as opposed to super thick.

I also had a cup of Joe.


And a piece of toast with TJ’s pumpkin butter.

005 007

I drank 3/4’s the GM and ate 2/3’s of the toast. I just wasn’t feeling the big breakfast this morning.


But I was paying for it by 9am at work.

I managed to hold out until 10 before busting into my nuts. (teehee)



Leftovers naturally made an appearance. Today it was the bulgur and “Moroccan” Stewed Fish that was mostly shrimp.

 010 011 012

MmmMmm good!


Afternoon “snack” today was a 5HE and a cup of tea.

013 014

I was in a super funk. So exhausted. Not like I-Can’t-Keep-My-Eyes-Open exhausted, more like a The-Thought-Of-Doing-Anything-Exhausts-Me exhaustion. Pray it isn’t mono.

The 5HE helped for… about a minute. I don’t like to take them because of the aspartame but I think the B-vitamins really do give me an energy boost. I have approached 5HE to see if they plan to make an artificial-sweetener-free energy shot and unfortunately, they don’t. Just not a big enough market for it, I guess.


I worked at Nordie’s tonight, and it was painfully slow.

I broke for an early dinner break.

Leftover potato leek soup and 2 cuties.


The cuties were a nice dessert!

I got home around 9:45 ravishing. So I quickly grabbed a string cheese out of the fridge even though I really wanted a PBJ. 😦


And now I’m munching on peppermint bark.


Tomorrow is another dress fitting. Let’s hope this one makes me happy.



3 Responses

  1. I love your plate that you ate your lunch on! =)

  2. The Green Monsters were amazingly delicious. I probably shouldn’t have finished yours and eaten the rest of your toast though. I was soooo full afterwards.

    I’m glad I went to the gym last night. I really really really need to get back into that routine. I want to be able to fit into my tux! Hehe.

  3. I’ve always been curious about the 5HE things. I never have energy.

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