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Tasting Is Believing

Congratulations! You survived another week!


I seriously feel like someone should pat me on the back for getting through each week successfully! heehee…


Today, the boy had the day off of work so we slept in a tiny bit (until 6am) and he made breakfast while I got myself presentable.

We were laying in bed and I asked him what he was going to make.

Boy: “Waffles!”

Girl: “We have no eggs.”

Boy: “Oh.”

Girl: “BUT you can use flax + water as an egg replacement!”

Boy: “Oh, OK! Awesome!”


The resulting waffles were a little bit denser and for some reason, we only got 3 out of the batch that we usually get 4 out of.


I had 3/4’s of one.




Here’s the thing. I’ve been getting hungry every mid-morning, regardless of how much I eat at breakfast. So why eat a big breakfast if I am just going to end up hungry anyway?

Anyway, I filled it with a little agave and butter and it was perfect. I think I prefer the agave sweetness over the maple syrup sweetness.

And mid-morning snacks:


Blue Diamond Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds


2 Lemon Creme Chalet cookies, courtesy of Christina. (She bought 3 boxes!! Wowsers! Not like I’m one to talk! 😉 )


Special treat today since the boy had off, we had an impromptu lunch date!


We hit up Jimmy John’s for the first time ever.


I’ve got to be honest here, it was really stressful to order. The cashiers are right where you walk in, there was a bunch of people, only one booth open, it was loud, and we had no idea what was on the menu. We felt incredibly rushed and not at all prepared. Don’t you hate that?


I ended up getting a turkey and provolone sandwich.


It wasn’t until afterwards I saw that I could have added onion and oregano for free, and gotten it on wheat bread instead. 😦


But it was still good. The bread was nice and chewy. But there was no WOW-factor for me.

The boy and I also split a bag of Jalapeno chips.


It was the perfect amount of food!


After we ate and relaxed a bit, we actually took a look around! I liked the joint! They had fun signs all over.

020 021

I might give them a second chance. Especially since they have free delivery! 😉

After lunch, we made a pit stop at Office Depot for some labels and paper to work on invitations this weekend! YAY!

(And the boy also ordered my wedding band! It’s fabulous!)


We had 2 salmon filets that had been in the fridge for awhile that I knew we had to use up for dinner.


We ended up baking them in the oven at 350* for ~15 minutes with a little dry seasoning on them.

025 032

To go with, I really wanted a salad! So I had a salad! A huge salad!


In there, we have artisan lettuce, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, green onion, parsley, mushroom, and I think that might be it.


I made a quick dressing out of agave, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. It was perfect.

And I only had half a salmon filet and saved the other half for a rainy day.


I nice quick, easy dinner! (I told you it was a huge salad!)



(I really need to quit the choco-habit!)

Before dinner, we actually sat down and did our meal plan for next week and boy is it a good one! We also made our shopping list. And then after dinner, we executed our Friday night ritual and did Costco and QFC, with a little detour!


The boy and I shared a soy misto with cinnamon sprinkled on top!


We are off to watch a movie and go to bed! Tomorrow is a busy busy day for us!


3 Responses

  1. I can’t help but make a pitch for Jimmy John’s. When we lived in IL, we learned to looove Jimmy John’s, Freaky Good, Freaky Fast! Any who, the bread actually taste fresh, and the bread does not compose the majority of the sandwich…hello, I’m buying the good stuff inside not just bread.

    There is an amazing story to the Jimmy John of Great Falls, but I will share that with Leah later. I do want to leave everyone with my favorite quote of all time. I saw this on a sign at a Jimmy John’s in IL.

    “I’d rather be a smart ass, then a dumb ass”, it’s my life motto.

  2. I actually have never eaten here either. My co-worker used to review the menu online, call it in and less than 30 minutes she would have a sandwich at her desk. Amazing.

  3. I can’t wait to pick up my girl scout cookies! I ordered 6 boxes! kind of gross, but i’m obsessed.

    I think the Jimmy John’s people are actually told to say hi, how are you, what do you want, etc. as soon as you walk in the door. I don’t remember where I heard this, but I think it’s true

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