Freaking Cloud Nine, Man!

I am in an absolutely fantastic mood right now! FANTASTIC!

I had a great day, a great evening, aaaannnnndddd… I came home to this:


It’s our wedding invitations! Wheeeeee! They are gorgeous and perfect and beautiful and I love love LOVE them! I ordered them from EtsyInvites By Jen. She was amazing to worth and very accommodating and patient and reasonably priced! LOVE it!


Ok, so, anyway, on the the awesomeness that is otherwise known as my day.


It was fantastic to come downstairs this morning and be greeted by smiling flowers that Jen brought over last night!


And we had a fantastic weekday breakfast: french toast!


Topped with syrup, butter, and powdered sugar! Go big or go home, right? 😉 (Haha, so much for Operation: Bridal Body!)


And a soysage to round out the meal.


And my coffee that I didn’t end up drinking cuz something wasn’t right there.


I also dined with a super hot fella.

003 007

When I got to work, I had a cup of tea since I didn’t drink my morning Joe.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Mighty Leaf tea ROCKS.


And I didn’t have any cookies for my tea or anything so I settled on a hunk of chocolate. Don’t hate.



Leftovers from last night, I had 2 salmon patties with the mayo-y sauce and the herbed salad. The salad was a little wilty/slimy but the herb flavors were so good!

015 016 017

I ended up getting half a can of Amy’s Black Bean Soup plopped down in front of me because they didn’t like it so I ended up sharing half my salmon patty with them.


I like the soup!

And another piece of chocolate.


(I might be hormonal.)


Sometime this morning, Jen, you know, the girl I met from TDP that came over last night? Well, she texted me and we ended up meeting up for dinner again which worked out perfectly since the boy had plans for after work drinks and dinner stuff.

I met her at her hotel room and she immediately presented me with this glorious little sight!


Booya! We are classy!


It went down easy!


After gossiping chatting, we finally got it together and went to dinner downtown. She had been to Elliott’s Oyster House for Happy Hour and was so impressed that she wanted to go back for dinner. I had never been so I was all in!


It’s right on the waterfront and we got positioned at a table with a great view of the ferry terminal right at dusk.


The restaurant was very nice; a much classier joint than my typical fare.


We were instantly presented with a bread basket, and of course I indulged in one!

033 034

And we ordered drinks, naturally.

I went with a Mango Mojito that was dreamy!

027 032

We split an appetizer of crab cakes since Jen is obsessed with crab cakes.

030 039 040

The sauce was fantastic. I ended up dunking my bread in it!

Jen and I went back and forth on our entrees but luckily we were both willing to share which made the decision a whole lot easier!

I ended up with the Scallop Risotto.

028 043 044

Worth. Every. Penny. Bacon in risotto? Oh yes, please!

And Jen ordered crab and wild mushroom ravioli.

029 042 

I took a small portion of it on my bread plate.


The basil flavor in the ravioli was fantastic! And I love asparagus!

We contemplated dessert but passed. It was such a decadent meal! The boy will be jealous. 😉

It was really nice watching it get darker and darker and the city lights coming out to play!

046 047 

And apparently I suck at taking pictures of actual people because this is the only photo I got of Jen all night!


Being a tourist. 😉

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! And the boy has the day off! I have to work but I know he’ll get some stuff done.

I only work 12-4 on Sunday and I have a lot to accomplish this weekend, especially in the way of invitations!! We have ~75ish to send out. I think I am going the label route for addressing them because our handwriting sucks and I’m not paying someone to write them and I really just don’t care that much! Haha…

All right, I’m off!

Much love,



5 Responses

  1. Ahhhh.. I love the sight and smell of Seattle. I don’t go to the city much but when I do I cherish it. My husband on the other hand drives there everyday for work – I am a tad jealous.

  2. What a fun way to end your day!!! Omg, risotto. I’ve only had it once and now you have me thinking of that creamy heaven with bacon in it. Mmm….

    I’ll have to look for that Mighty Tea stuff since I’m forcing myself to be a tea drinker now 😛 Chamomile citrus sounds good!

    Have a great Friday Leah!

  3. The view from the restaurant was nice. I love scallops and risotto too!

    If it makes you feel better I never look at the envelope a wedding invite arrives in. I just toss it. lol!

  4. looks like so much fun Leah!!!

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