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I’m going to have to concur with Susan on this one. TUESDAYS SUCK. Pretty sure it is the worst day of the week. And I left my BlackBerry at home this morning so that certainly isn’t helping matters.

I woke up extremely cranky this morning, cursing that it was only Tuesday, and I took it out on my poor H2B. Luckily, he’s a giant ball of love and forgiveness. 😉


My little cranky self through together the quickest little breakfast I could manage – cheesy scrambled eggs and a piece of good old fashioned plain buttered toast.


I topped my eggs with my fav combo: sour cream, cilantro, Chalula.


Sadly, and not helping my cranky-factor, the boy totally spaced setting up the coffee pot last night so we settled for tea.


I adore Mighty Leaf tea. It is totally worth the extra money. I’m turning into a tea snob, and I don’t even drink that much tea!

Oh, except, full disclosure: last night, while watching Paranormal Activity, I might have had 4 Girl Scout cookies with my berry herbal tea!


They were much better after being dunked in tea, as I predicted!


Tuesdays are sort of one of my traditionally slower days in the office. I have weekly things on my agenda for Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are slightly more up in the air as far as level of work flow.

I had a mid morning snack of a half a serving of DELICIOUS Jalapeno Smokehouse almonds.

008 009

The slower pace today lead to a little bit earlier than usual lunch. And the lack of leftovers in the fridge lead to a rather unexciting lunch.


A can of soup is appearing to be my go-to lunch when our fridge is lending towards the more-bare side.


Naturally, I added lots of pepper to the soup. 😉

To go with my soup, I packed some sliced ‘shrooms and hummus.


Side note here: I prefer to buy large containers of Costco hummus and divy it up into personal sizes to save on plastic and be a tree-hugger BUT it is actually cheaper to get it like this at our Costco and I’m a sucker for savings money and time together.

Today’s lunch took  nearly an hour to get eaten! I kept getting interrupted by work things which I don’t mind at all. I think I actually appreciated how long lunch lasted me to get through! I am guilty of eating too fast, all the time.

Dessert was another truffle, eaten in the 3-bite method.

014 015


I worked at Nordie’s tonight.

On the way in, I had a Trio bar.


For dinner, I packed last night’s leftovers: a smaller portion of the noodles + venison in peppered mushroom gravy and a larger portion of the agave + butter glazed carrots with thyme.


While I was on my break, I went to Papyrus and the Hallmark store on the hunt for some cheap Thank You cards to go with our wedding “theme”. I found a couple of things I liked but neither store had enough of anything in stock. I think this might be a future online project.

By the time I got home from work at nearly 10pm, I was starving again! Instead of attacking Girl Scout cookies, I opted for some string cheese instead.

Tomorrow, I have a super exciting evening planned! Another TDP meet-up! W00t! I am committing a huge faux pas and trying two new recipes out on her! Super excited! Wheeee!



7 Responses

  1. Tuesdays = worst day of the week. Mondays at least have a nice “newness” about them. Thursdays suck too as I’m always exhausted, but at least Friday is right around the corner. I clearly put too much thought into this.

    Cheese is also one of my favourite bedtime snacks. Cookies are for the morning silly 😛

    Happy Waffle Wednesday! Hope you celebrated because I didn’t 😦

  2. Which TDPer? Which TDPer???

  3. yea what Erin said…..

  4. Ditto on the cranky Tuesday…but why do I have cranky Wednesdays too? O agree wotj <pmdau amd Frodau being better week days.

  5. Thanks for the shout and glad you are enjoying the tea. Looks like Orange Dulce is steeping there in your cup. Happy steeping!

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