I loved reading all your comments on yesterday’s post about marriage and how your parents relationship effect your views! If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments, pop over and take a look! Unfortunately, it appears that the majority comes from broken homes. It’s quite saddening but look at all the wonderful products of those failed marriages – you! 😉


A grumpy and chilly Monday morning called for one thing only: leftover carrot cake pancakes!


I also cooked up a Morningstar Soysage to give a little extra staying power to this breakfast.


And my daily 1 cup of coffee – no more, no less!


Around 10, I had a mid-morning snack. My tummy was rumbley!

Yami + granola to the rescue!

009 011

A perfect snack!


One of the gals at work brought in some extra white salad that she made for me to try! So thoughtful!


It has some sort of white bean, cauliflower, endive, rice cheese, rosemary, olive, and I’m sure other stuff I am not recalling. It was light and fresh!

For my real lunch, I had leftover Shrimp Fra Diavolo.


Just as good as last night! Maybe a tad spicier after all the flavors melded?




Yep! I had a chocolate! But I did something different today. Instead of eating it in one big chocolaty mouthful, I took bites and got 3 good, delicious ones out of it! Perfection!

(Oh, and I did successfully turn down a Girl Scout cookie!)

After work, I munched on a banana to fuel me… for a workout!


Yep, 2 out of the last 3 days I have hit the gym! Granted, they aren’t phenomenal workouts but HEY! It’s better than nothing!

I did 30 minutes on a stair stepper, level 3 (of 10), on a hill/interval course. I cleared 130 flights of steps, and probably a good 300 calories! (A workout of 3’s!) I went to go to the mat to do some stretching, ab work, push-ups and stuff, but the mats were full. So I went home, thinking I might do it when I got home. Yeah, not so much. I got distracted by ABC.


By the time I finally got around to starting dinner, a little later than I would have liked, I was getting a bit hungry. But I managed to not really nibble at all.

Tonight’s main course comes from Cooking Light, again. (Can you tell it is my favorite?!) Steak Tips with Peppered Mushroom Gravy – true comfort food.

Of course, I made a couple changes. I only did 11 ounces of deer chops instead of the 1 pound of beef. And I doubled the mushrooms, and I probably would have been ok tripling them.


Browning the venison:


Shallots and mushrooms:


Gravy making:


Finished product served over whole wheat noodles:


With a side of carrots (with butter, agave, thyme, salt):


And a splash of red wine to accompany! It really seemed to compliment the peppery gravy!


How romantic of us – I force him to watch my trashy shows via laptop while eating dinner!


Now, we are off to less trashy things – like watching a Netflix movie! Story of our lives. We are so boring!



2 Responses

  1. Bear Naked granola is so good! And that’s awesome about your workouts! I love feeling accomplished with my workout schedule.

  2. Your dinner looks so yummy!

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