A Great Eats Day!

Happy Sunday!


I fell asleep last night dreaming of oatmeal and thought up the perfect combo as I dozed away!


Looks crazy, right?


OMG it was totally delicious!


In the mix for two: 2 cups soymilk, 1 cup oats, 1 scoop ground flax.

Individual toppings: 1 scoop of brown sugar, 1 scoop of chopped walnuts, 1 handful of Craisens, and a splash of Orange Juice, fresh as of yesterday!


My inspiration was orange + cranberry scones I have been dreaming of!


I probably could have done with less sugar… but what’s the fun in that?!

I had the last of the OJ and a coffee + soymilk to help fill my belly.


A beautiful sun-kissed breakfast!


It all got mixed together which is a-typical for me.

013 014



I got creative with  my lunch again too! I worked at Nordstrom from 10-6 and when I went to go pack  my lunch, all the leftovers we had in the fridge was a smidge of leftover corn soup and a smidge of leftover black bean soup.


Neither was substantial enough to be an entire lunch.

002 003

So I just combined them!


At work, I topped it with some stale tortilla chip crumbles and a bit of cilantro!


Wowsers, was this good!

On my way out the door of work, Danny, my coworker, was going on a cleaning frenzy and literally threw out chocolates. This is sac religious! So I went freaking dumpster diving – leave no man behind!


And I ate one of the 4 I managed to nab! I ain’t about to turn down free Lindt truffles! Don’t hate!


Jodus had started dinner by the time I got home from work.

We finally got around to making another Cooking Light recipe from the January issue that happened to be a featured “budget watch” sort of recipe! And it happened to sound delicious: Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

We basically followed the recipe exactly except we used pre-cooked shrimp so we didn’t stir it in until the end just to heat through which worked out famously because it saved a step and dirtying another dish! (Oh, and we used fresh basil instead of dried because I had some on hand!)

017018 019020021 022 024 025 027 028 029 030 031

I made a simple green salad on the side for us with artisan lettuce, grape tomatoes, croutons, and lemon cilantro vinaigrette.


We served the shrimp over whole wheat spaghetti noodles instead of linguine.

039 035

And I sprinkled a tiny bit of parmesan over the top.



A Reader’s Question

Lindsay left a comment on yesterday’s post that I felt I should address more because it is an interesting topic.

It sounds like you are going to have an amazing wedding. Are you getting married in Vegas?? Are you parents divorced?? If they are did that effect your views on marriage at all??


Yes, I am getting married in Vegas, on May 30th.

No, my parents are not divorced. They were never married, actually. But I was supposedly the best mistake they ever made in their reckless youths.

Now the biggie, yes, my parents did effect my views on marriage, as I suspect everyone’s parent’s relationships effect theirs.

My parents are basically polar opposites. My father has never been married and has no other children. My mother is working on her third marriage and has a large blended family now with 6 kids combined through their marriage.

Growing up in these two extremes has definitely been interesting for me. I hope to split the difference between the two and just be happily married, once, and for the rest of my life. If, god forbid, Jodus and I didn’t make it for some reason, I don’t see myself ever getting remarried. And while I am not religious, I do value the sanctity of marriage and I do not feel as though it is something that should be taken lightly. It is more than just a piece of paper to me.

Whew! With all that being said, how do you think your parents relationship has effected your previous, current, and future relationships and your ideals on marriage?

The boy and I are off to watch a movie now – a feel good: Tortilla Soup!



12 Responses

  1. My parents are going through the process of getting divorced right now and it has really affected how I feel about marriage and if I ever want to get married. Thanks for answering my question, it is greatly appreciated!!

  2. kudos on the breakfast! That looks really good! I’ll have to try it when I get my appetite back from this stupid sinus infection.
    As for the marriage part, my parents have definitely shaped my view on picking a partner. While I’m aware that they’re in the extreme minority (they got married right out of college and have been married for 30 years), I believe, like you, that I can find the right one be married only once. If anything, growing up with that example sets an expectation that makes you very picky. My parents rarely fight (I can think of maybe 2 fights), always present a united front to the kids so that none of us can play one off the other, and consider eachother their best friends. I only hope that someday soon, I will have what my parents have. Best wishes to you and Jodus!

  3. WOW! What a loaded question! So…as YOU know, my parents are divorced. The divorce hit me pretty hard, but they were smart and got me into counseling. When Dad married Ronda 1, I was stoked! Then of course, their marriage sucked. I learned from both Dad and Ronda how to be married and how NOT to be married. When Dad and your mom (loving referred to as Rhonda 2) married, we were adults (mostly) so it didn’t really affect me, but I still look to them to see what I can do to be happy in my marriage. It really helped that I married my best friend…but married life is totally different than living together for a year (or more). We never had an argument until after we were married, so I didn’t get any practice fighting with him before hand. Truly, being married is a day to day lesson. As I became an adult, I knew that I wanted to be married, but I swore that I would never put my children through what I had been put through as a child. OMG, I could talk about this forever…so I’m going to stop.

  4. I dont think that MY parents have effected my views on marriage that much. They have always been a little “off” with everything. They had me first, and then tied the knot 5 years later. Never really meant to be together at all, but stuck together “for the kids”. They now have three and just got divorced in the past three years. AND it was ironically right around my wedding. My dad even asked me if he could bring a date, which I politely told him that I would prefer that he didnt. And, as a good dad, he respected my wishes. Thank goodness, as if I could deal with more stress on that day!
    Now, other people’s parents, yes. They have effected me completely. The effects of a failed marriage, that is. I always saw growing up what it did to my friends, and boyfriend (now my husband) and it totally crushed me. Few of my friends have parents that are married now. At tender ages, failed marriages really mold how a child will do as an adult. Hopefully, they have friends to help them through the hard times…..
    Now, the one thing that my parents effected my views on is children. Now that Im going on 3 years of marriage, everyone asks when we are going to take the “next step” (which to most, is kids). Since you know me, the next step for us is to get Ryan situated into the civilian world and get his ass in school 🙂
    I am terrified of having children right now. Marriages can be dissolved with a couple court dates and paperwork (sometimes messy, sometimes not). Children are a life. They can not be dissolved, no matter what happens to those involved in their genetic makeup. They are delicate, beautiful beings that can get totally screwed in a change of a parent’s marital status, if the parents aren’t careful.
    Please note that I am trying to choose my words carefully. I am not trying to offend anyone that has had a child out of wedlock or that has gotten divorced. I just need some more time to make 100% sure that my husband’s and my (grammar much?) relationship evolves to a similar point where we *might* be able to raise a child on the same page, despite our where our marital status may be 🙂

  5. okay, so I want everything you ate yesterday. original, non-regurgitated version, of course.

  6. Haha. Yeah, my parents shaped my view on marriage. My view being I will only do it once, and I don’t believe in actually having a wedding ceremony. My parents had a really small ceremony when they got married and a big party (VFW baby!!!). I think marriage is extremely personal and really don’t want ANYONE there with me when I say the vows. I hope Anthony and I really just run away to Rome.

    And I won’t say how I got this viewpointe from my parents, but it did come from them…I will only marry someone I am totally in love with, not someone that I think would make a good partner, father, friend or anything else. I believe that true love is the most important aspect of marriage. If it’s not there, why would you want to do it?

  7. OJ in oatmeal?! I use to have cereal with OJ, but never thought of putting it in my oatmeal! I will have to try it soon.

    For the question:
    My parents got divorced when I was 9. It was probably the hardest thing I went through because I was a daddy’s girl and my parents were so upset at each other that my mother, to spite my father, didn’t let me see him for almost a year. She started dating another man shortly after (which I’m sure she cheated on my father) and she left us home alone a lot. In my eyes, marriage was horrible. I never wanted to get married. Up until recently, I wasn’t sure if I wanted children either. Then I met James and he turned my world completely upside down – in a good way. I realized I wanted to marry him way before I knew exactly how much I loved him. I knew I didn’t want to be married more than once and that he was it for me. My parents probably had the most impact on me when it came to children, which is why I still don’t have any. I think regardless of what happened in my family history, I wanted to be the exception – the one that made the right choice. I think we all want to be what our parents weren’t (unless they had an amazing marriage – then we want what they have lol). My parents are back together now but not married or even sleep in the same room lol but they’re older and don’t see themselves with anyone else.

  8. That little scoop of brown sugar on the oats is a heavenly sight. I must try that instead of mixing it in 😉

    My parents got married at the age of 22, then divorced 22 years later when I was 12 years old. Bad age to have your parents split up, and it influenced how I view relationships a lot. Hopefully it kept me from marrying my high school boyfriend, which would have been a HUGE mistake 😛 If anything, I think it just taught me there’s no reason to rush into a marriage. I don’t need to be settled down with a house and two kids by the time I’m 30. Both my parents are with new partners and I have five extra step-siblings now. I lovelovelove my new, giant family to bits. Dare I say, my family life is better now with my parents apart than it was with them together. They’re still best friends, but they’re happier now. Marriage doesn’t have to be the be-all end-all for all relationships.

  9. My parents are still together in quite the happy marriage. I’ve NEVER seen them fight. Honestly I think it gave me an unrealistic view of how husbands should act! lol! My parents set their work schedule so one would be home with me all the time. Now that I see so many of my friend’s husbands refusing to even watch their kids for a couple of hours it makes me appreciate how great of husband and father my dad has always been!

    I was slow to learn from my parents I suppose because I married and divorced by the time I was 21. However I am now happily remarried so it’s all good! 🙂

    • I’m similar to Ang that my parents are still together and never left me or my brother alone. My mom worked nights and my dad days.

      I’m lucky because my parents are the best parents. I don’t think they set the best example for what I want my marriage to be though, unfortunately. Still love them and am very thankful they are still together. I fear divorce.

  10. […] A Great Eats Day! […]

  11. Yes mine did effect my views……but then again – I have been married/divorced…but no kiddos from my first marriage (thank goodness). My parent have been married 39 years – will be 40 this year!! They have something that I always wanted!! I believe I have found it with my now husband. He is my best friend and my everything!!! My parents have been through good and bad times – as you know my dad has Crohns disease, and it has tested a lot – and still does…but my mom stands by him. They support each other – that is so important. Jerimy is the same way with me – he loves me no matter what and is always there for me.

    I think parents do effect you – you can see what direction you want to take…by either following their footsteps or doing it totally different. You can see their ups and downs…what worked for them and what didn’t.

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