Sportin’ The Sock

So you know how the other day I was bragging about being able to fit all my hair up?

Well, I discovered something waaay cooler today.

So I grew up as a military brat. My mother was in the Air Force and of course this means that she wore a uniform and followed strict regulations about 80% of her life. Somewhere along the way, she picked up this handy trick that she shared with me.


Let us compare to the other day’s dumb little bun:


Oh yes.


This is so much better.

So, how did I do it?

Just like my momma taught me!

I cut the toes out of two old black dress socks. (I recommend using tan/khaki colored if you are a blonde.)


Then I roll the two socks in on each other.

029 028

Then you do your hair in a normal ponytail. Haha, mine’s all crazy from being in the bun all day!


Stick your tail through the hole. (Wrong, just wrong.)


Spread your hair around it.


Secure with another pony holder.


My hair is still a tiny bit too short for it to be nice and tight but it is so much better than my stupid little dorky wanna-be bun.

009 013

You can use thicker or more socks to make it larger. You can also get creative with side buns or on top of your head or whatever exceptionally outlandish thing you want to try!


Additional side note: I am contemplating the side bun for our wedding. Something soft though. Perhaps like so?


AND speaking of the wedding, I had my "final" dress fitting today! Sort of. My final dress fitting as in all the alterations I had ordered should have been complete.

Should have being the key.

I kind of almost had a panic attack because I hated how the seamstress did the sash. And that it was going to cost even more to have it done the way I wanted. But I paid it. It will get done. It will be fine.

At least that’s what I am telling myself.

I still need shoes. I still need jewelry. That’s all. But other than that, I think my outfit is complete. 😉

OK, back to our regular scheduled programming!


We finally participated in Waffle Wednesday again! But I half cheated.


These were leftover waffles from this weekend. It usually makes a batch of 4-5 which is just about perfect for the two of us to have 2 breakfasts so it works out famously.


Today I did strawberry jam + almond butter toppings!


It was fabby. Maybe a new fav?


BTW – I totally giggled out loud when I saw that Susan had the same idea this morning with her waffle!

And I also had coffee + soymilk with breakfast and a bit to go!



More leftover soup! I’m so thankful the boy made a big batch this weekend!


It was tasty! 😀

There might have been some chocolate eaten at work today… but no cookie like my usual Wednesday!

[insert dress fitting here]


I started on dinner immediately when I walked in the door but I knew I wasn’t going to make it without killing someone so I grabbed a handful of tamari cashews to munch on.


Yum! So good!

The other day, I was discussing a new diet that one of my thousands of bosses is on, per her nutritionist. It’s an anti-inflammatory diet complete with an extensive list of foods to focus on and an even more extensive list of foods to avoid. Somehow, my Quinoa and Salmon Stew came up. I thought it sounded good so I decided to make that this week and take some in for her to try!


Today, I served it over some spinach for much needed green.


It was good as always!


If you had told me 5 months ago that this was going to be in my “regular” rotation, I would have laughed in your face. But it is so easy! And it tastes so good! Can’t beat that!

Well, folks! That’s all for now! I am signing off early to spend the evening with my love and a movie!




8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the bun tip–I can never make a pretty one but will definitely give this a try!!

  2. I love the idea of a side bun; it would look great for a wedding!
    I can’t wait to see wedding pics; I’m sure you’re going to be beautiful.:)

  3. Amazing, I was going to post this bun trick on my site at some point, instead I just did a little blurb and linked to your site. Perfect, thanks Leah (besides you are a much prettier model then me).

  4. a-ha! so that’s how they get the buns lookin’ so good. i had no clue! I love your wedding hair inspiration! I’m doing my wedding hair trial soon and can’t wait!

  5. YES to the side bun!! I love “casual” side buns, I think it’s my inner hippie 😉 Also, I am SO trying that new bun technique, I had no idea that’s how they do it!!

    As for the waffle – great minds think alike!! It was awesome though, wasn’t it? It will definitely be repeated for many wednesdays to come. Also bookmarked the salmon stew, it will make for a great fatty february dish 🙂

  6. So excited about the bun because I have the super messy lazy folded over ponytail going on today. This bun trick may fool people into thinking I get up more than 10 minutes before I leave for work! lol!

  7. What an awesome bun tip! I’m definitely trying it!

    My best friend did the side bun for her wedding, and it was beautiful! Go for it!

  8. OOOOoooo-kay

    I know who you are getting married to, and just have to say… if you do the whole Princess Leia bun thing OR the Princess Leia Slave of Jabba the Hut thing

    We gonna have problems

    btw, your stupid blog reply won’t let me hot link stuff

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