Smooth Sailing

I don’t even know where to begin this post.

Today was nothing exceptional.

Nothing exciting or especially noteworthy happened.

It was just an average day in the life of Leah.

But I’ll report anyway.


We polished off the last of the banana nut muffins I made last week.


Topped with TJ’s pumpkin butter.

And I had two fried eggs on the side that totally exploded as I plated them.


With coffee + soymilk and then some to go later as well.

004  005


The day zoomed by. That seems to happen after long weekends.

Lunch was a salad I made on a whim as I was prepping breakfast this morning.


1 can of salmon + 1 Tbls mayo + 1/2 an avocado over a small head of artisan lettuce.


Topped with lots of ground pepper!


I was so busy I couldn’t even clear off my desk before devouring!

In the car from Job #1/2 to Job #3, I munched on a string cheese while I made plans with my poppa for this weekend!



It was a bit slow this evening but I managed to ward off my hunger until nearly 7pm which is pretty much unheard of for me.

Dinner was basically a repeat of last nights.

I had boymade chicken and rice soup with Mary’s Gone Crackers and a small bit of Sabra hummus that has been in the fridge a tad too long.


After work, I treated myself to a Turtle!

011 012

The boy had one too, for the first time. Mmmm MMmmm good!

Yeah, that was it. Nothing insightful. Nothing monumental. Nothing even little bumpy. Everything was clockwork. Smooth. Easy.

I guess there is something to be said for those sorts of days.



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