High & Tight!

Even though I had an alcohol-induced rough night of sleep, 12 hours of sleep seemed to do the trick today! I woke up to blue skies which instantly put me in a good mood!



For breakfast, I knew I didn’t want something super carby or sweet so I went to my go-to eggs. I thought about ways to prepare them and decided that my huevos rancheros knock-off was in order!


I sauteed onion, a bell pepper, garlic, then added 4 eggs (for 3+ burritos) and a can of drained and rinsed kidney beans.


The tortilla was slathered with some sour cream then topped with cheese, cilantro, and chalula.


Plus coffee with soymilk.

004 005

And a cute boy!



We eventually got ready and headed to the mall. I worked at 2 and we wanted to scope some stuff out so we got there early.

AND I bought his wedding band!


Exciting stuff!

It’s a special order so in 6-8 weeks, I’ll show you a picture!

For lunch, we decided on Panera because I liked their salad so much last week.


It’s much more fun to go with a cute date!


He’s really excited about having ordered his wedding band! Obviously!

We ordered lemonades that were delicious!


And I got the chipotle sandwich.


It was a grease pit and I was sad there wasn’t lettuce or onion. There was a lonely tomato hiding in there though.

And I got the worlds tiniest apple with the largest core ever for my side.


The boy got a turkey bacon something or other.

021 022

Something really exciting and definitely noteworthy happened today!


Yes, that’s right! My hair can go all the way up without a million pins now! Yay! It may be a dorky little bun but it is my dorky little bun!


The boy packed me my dinner tonight which was a nice treat!


We have chicken and rice soup, Mary’s crackers, an orange, and a chocolate!

I think he did good! But I didn’t eat the orange. I was full.

Dessert was courtesy of work!


I had a valentine’s day cookie sandwich!

025 026

I did manage to give one bite to the boy.

I’m pooped and not looking forward to my long day tomorrow. Work, x2!

Peace out, my lovelies!



3 Responses

  1. Are you growing your hair out? Wait, are you doing it for the wedding?

    That’s awesome you can get fruit at Panera! Seems like such a simple thing to offer an apple, and yet places like Subway don’t do it. It’s a peeve of mine.

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