Single’s Awareness Day

The boy calls Valentine’s Day Single’s Awareness Day because until last year, he had always celebrated it as a single.

I, on the other hand, don’t think I’ve ever really been single on V-Day. I’m a chronic monogamist.


This morning, I wanted to dye my hair so I let the boy have free reign over the kitchen, without any guidance at all!

He opted for waffles and soysages and did a great job photographing! 😀

001 005 006

I had 3/4’s of this fabulous waffle and the two soysages.

010 011 012

And coffee with soymilk.


I ate with dye sitting on my head!


The timer went off exactly as I shoved the last maple syrup covered bite into my mouth!



I headed off to work around 10:30. I wasn’t expecting to be there too long so I just packed a MoJo bar.


I ate it around 1:45.

And didn’t get home until after 4. It did a good job holding me over for a couple hours. But I was hangry for some grub. BUT we had dinner reservations for 6:30 sooooo I didn’t want to eat too much.

So I just heated up a tiny bowl of risotto!


While I was hard at work, the boy was working away in the kitchen! He made a big huge batch of chicken and rice soup to help get us through the week!


Sautéed minced garlic


Leftover roasted chicken

024 032

Homemade chicken stock

025 027

Wild Rice


The veggies (carrots, peas, corn)

034 038 041 043 046 049 051

I’m so excited to have some for dinner tomorrow!


Weeks ago, Jodus made us reservations at a local Italian restaurant that we had heard good things about: Girardi’s Osteria.

Before going, I scoured the website to decide what I would order. (I do this obsessively, btw.) I also happened to run across the Promotions page and we took advantage of it and ordered a gift card in anticipation of getting an additional one for free. When it came in the mail though, it was just the one, without the additional value. I think that this left a small bad taste in my mouth going into our evening.

Before we left, we dined on champagne. Unromantically, I sat downstairs, on my computer, with my glass. He was upstairs, folding laundry with his glass. I guess that’s how we roll! 😉

055 058 061

Post downing an entire bottle of champagne, we got dolled up and headed out to dinner.

The lighting was horrific romantic.

 064 089 069

We started with a bottle, yes, a whole bottle, of wine.

065 071 072

Jodus surprised me by ordering the only organic wine on the menu which happened to be a Cab Sauv which happens to be my fav.

Our starter was bruschetta.


It was a bit more vinage ry than I’d generally like but tasty, nonetheless.


I resorted to flash photography. Nights like this really make me wish I had a good camera.


We split this equally, 3 pieces each.


We were also provided with a bread basket with oil & vinegar. of which I had 2 pieces.


My entree was Penne Mango. I even asked where the mango was from and she came back from the kitchen with “California, maybe” as the answer. Well, ok. I didn’t think mangos were in season in California but ok.

075 094

It was deliciously sweet. I loved this meal. Could have done without all the dried parsley for presentation though. Sometimes less is more.

Jodus ordered the lamb tenderloin which was just melt-in-your-mouth-good.

076 095

(More dried parsley.)

We took our time with dinner and it was fabulous. We discussed us, previous relations, our future. All appropriate V-day discussions, I think! Naturally, having had an entire bottle of champagne beforehand and a bottle of wine at dinner helped conversations flow. 😉

Dessert was my favorite: Tiramisu.


Sadly, I prefer my soggy tiramisu to theirs though I adore the fun hearts and presentation.


Jodus and I split this almost equally as well.

On the way back to the car, we had a tiny photo shoot at the round-a-bout in Edmonds!

103104 105

I realize, I didn’t take a full-body shot of my outfit but I do have to show off my cutest new tights that I wore with my black baby doll dress:


Yes! Lavender cute lacy tights! I have a secret love for hosiery!

It’s 9:22, we are putting in a movie, and going to bed. We live on the edge. 😉

We actually contemplated going to a wine bar. But I am sufficiently inebriated and I think we have spent enough money for the night.

Much love,



6 Responses

  1. Love the tights, looks like a great night out. Lots of wine and good food.

    I can’t remember the last time I had chicken and rice soup. We had chicken and rice tonight…may need to make some soup out of it. lol

  2. My little wino!!! I love you darling dear 🙂 And you know how I feel about champagne! Mmm, bubbles.

  3. I love wild rice in my soups! Nice, it’s snowing here in Montana, could use some of that soup to warm up.

    Ha, I colored my hair yesterday also! Like Mother like daughter.

    The tights are too cute, they are definitely Leah-tards 🙂

  4. cute tights!! I should start to make soup. Where is there a wine bar close to edmonds? I never knew there was one but would LOOOVE to go!

  5. This was my first Valentine’s Day spent single in YEARS!! Like, 7-8 years? Damn. I still had tons of fun though – but I think yours was classier 😉 I love those tights! I’m a hosiery gal too. I own a gazillion pairs.

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