Down To Business

It is sooooo good to have this back in my life!


What a dweeb.

We managed to sleep in until after 9 which was great and had a relatively slow lazy morning.


We started off the morning with some coffee, direct from Kansas City’s favorite blogger! 😉


I attempted Kath’s technique of french press frothy coffee shapes.


I have no idea what that looks like. Maybe a magic mushroom?


Yeah, I dunno.

Breakfast was a banana nut muffin with pumpkin butter and a half flopped over fried egg.

002 004 005

Kinda sad looking but delicious.


After breakfast, we chillaxed a bit then we got down to business.


Jodus had a hair appointment at noon so we did that.

Then we had a quick light lunch at Chanterelle.


This was our first time going for lunch, but we have been for phenomenal breakfast before!

I decided on the pear and brie quesadilla with a small side salad for my lunch.

013 015

The flavors were really quite exquisite!

017 019



The boy had a meatloaf sandwich – his first time ever!

020 021

After lunch, we headed to Bothell to get Jodus fitted for his tux.


Then we headed next door to my bridal shop and bought a fascinator that I adore. 

029 030

THEN we headed to a thrift store and bought some books.


(His & Hers)

Most excited:


Eat, Pray, Love!

THEN we stopped by Costco for a couple things and some gas.

THEN we swung into a jewelry store and checked out wedding bands.

We also had one of those super sugary coffee drinks.


THEN we stopped at Fred Meyer for some random stuff to include:


For this gawd-awful mess:


Then we finally made it home and it was 6 pm.


We got a lot accomplished. And needed a cocktail.


Pineapple + Captain

And an appetizer.


We might have finished the whole bag in one sitting.



For dinner, we made pizza. And by we, I mean Jodus, myself, and our friend the breaddoughmaker.


039 042

Homemade Pesto (EVOO, basil, garlic, nooch), spinach, tomato, feta on a half wheat half white crust that was ugly and thick. Damn me for never using the same recipe twice.

During baking:

043 044

Post baking:

046 047

I heart pizza!


I had two slices.

050 052

And then one more. The butt crack slice.


The boy and I enjoyed a flick after dinner and I’m ready for bed. I was not supposed to be working tomorrow but turns out I am going to go in for a few hours midday. And we’ve got some hot dinner plans! 😉




4 Responses

  1. I love wedding planning!! about 90 days until my big day, so it’s all wedding all the time in my house. Love the hair fascinator, it’s beautiful!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe your fasinator, or whatever it’s called. You’re going to be a beautiful bride. BTW…My roots look the same. Will be coloring the hair today!

  3. That pizza looks so yummy!! Oh and I love “The Princess Bride” 😉

  4. That’s a pretty picture of you at the restaurant – natural daylight suits you 😉

    I stared at that stupid coffee mug for a solid 4 minutes and could only see a magic mushroom. Great minds! (erm, if that applies to people who see magic mushrooms in coffee mugs…)

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