Dessert Dinner

I had a really good time with Christina last night! We watched a cute movie and did our nails and chatted. She usually goes into work a bit later than I usually do so I slept in nearly an extra hour before heading in and it was soooo nice! It was really nice having someone to talk to on the commute in and get to use the HOV lane!


For breakfast, we reheated muffins and I covered mine in pumpkin butter.

001 002 003

We had plenty of time before she had to be at work, and my bosses are flexible, so we hit up Starbucks!

[grande soy misto]


Leftovers were on the menu again! Yay for getting back into a routine!


Risotto and a chicken wing


I was feeling those corners today!

007 008

And I had a string cheese.


And on the car ride home, I had another string cheese.

I realized something amazing today.


It was still light out when I got home! Yay! I can’t wait for longer days again! The Northwest gets so gray and dreary and depressing in the winter – especially years like this when we didn’t have a lick of snow.



Yep. I did.

That’s all I had. I was hungry. So I had a couple. Then a couple more. And before I knew it, they were basically gone. And yes, I only opened the box last night.




I spent my evening watching shows: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, House.

I did Jodus’ taxes. He wasn’t as lucky as I. He has to pay a little. Damn.

I watched the clock, waiting and waiting. WAITING for the boy to get home. His flight was delayed. And delayed again. I need to stay awake. I think I’ll put in a movie.


Did you guys see that Aspartame (evil artificial sweetener) is being renamed and marketed as “natural”?!?!

Pisses me off.

More Random:

I totally got free samples of Kotex maxi pads in the mail today? Um, ok. Weird.



4 Responses

  1. Free Kotex, yeah a bit strange, but hey if it’s free, why not. Haven’t needed the stuff for 12 years but I would still take it and share it out.

    Tell Jodus Hi! Glad he is home.

  2. Ohmigod, aspartame is the DEVIL! I’ve known for years that it gives me migraines, but I was just told by a neuro friend of mine that the reason is that it actually changes the blood pressure in your brain. Read: neurological effects. No thank you!!!

  3. I don’t blame you one bit for eating all those cookies…they are like crack!!! i can eat a whole sleeve in five minutes.

  4. I have gotten two Kotex samples in the past few months. In giant, not at all discrete packaging! lol! I think it has something to do with shopping at Krogers.

    I hate aspartame. It should in no way be considered “natural”.

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