Pajama Party!

I have been excited all freaking day long.

Wanna know why?

#1 – It’s Thursday.

#2 – I am in the midst of a 4-days-off at Nordie’s.

#3 – I have a sleepover party tonight.

#4 – The Boy comes home tomorrow!!!


I’m all smiles!

Save the few seconds this morning when I shot my alarm the dirtiest of looks.



While I blogged this morning, I scarfed down 2 banana nut muffins from last night with a pat of buttah.


Not bad. But not the best I’ve ever had. I wish they had been less dense or something. This is why I don’t really like to bake. I don’t know the chemistry of it. And you can’t make adjustments along the way. You just mix, bake, and anxiously await the results. Cooking, on the other hand, can be modified throughout the entire process to achieve the optimal results.


/tiny rant

I fought shiteous traffic on the way into work.


I appeased my anger with a much needed soy misto!

Oh happy day!


The morning flew right on by. It was 1pm before I knew it and I was breaking into lunch. The cookie at 10am might have helped appeasing the hunger. 😉

Lunch was a dinner repeat, sans polenta.


Mexican Succotash over artisan lettuce.


Side note here.

The Mexican Succotash is a totally detox friendly meal.

One of the ladies in my office (the one that brings the cookies every Wednesday) is trying to do the detox because she loved my results (noticeable weight loss, glowing skin).

She’s a bit of a picky eater and has been doing well with not eating the "bad" stuff but has been pretty much an epic failure on the "increase/add" stuff. She doesn’t like spices. She doesn’t even like salt and pepper. She doesn’t eat onions or garlic or anything. She doesn’t cook with oil. She doesn’t like most vegetables. Your basic problem child.

I made her have 2 bites of this. BEHOLD! She actually liked it! She liked it even more when I told her how easy it was. She said she didn’t like lima beans. She didn’t like salt and pepper. She didn’t like onions. BUT when it’s all together in a good combo, it’s all good!

So she’s going to give it a shot. And I’m going to make an effort to get her to taste my meals so she can open up her horizons a bit. I WIN!

Yes, I’m that childish.


I worked a tiny bit later than usual today to hang around for Christina, our office admin. She ditched her car at work and came home with for a sleepover! We’ve been talking about getting together but it is difficult because she lives 45 minutes SOUTH of work and I live 45 minutes NORTH of work. So we thought this would be the PERFECT solution. And with Jodus not home, this is a great opportunity to have a girls night!

On the agenda:

Cooking Class

Wine Drinking

Chick Flick Watching


First thing upon arrival, I gave her a quick tour of the place then we changed into PJ’s and cracked a bottle of Dad’s vino!


Then we got crackin’ on dinner!


We snacked on hummus and crackers while it cooked.


Final products:

042 043

Risotto with bell pepper, onion, edamame, spinach, and basil


Roasted chicken


It was delicious!

048 047

There might have been more wine involved!


Post dinner, we cleaned up and I started some stock simmering.


Then we got down to business!



Now we are watching a movie and doing our nails! wheeee!



4 Responses

  1. Fun! I’m jealous of your sleepover!!!

  2. Leah! Love the blog, I read it while at work, and I’ve been getting lost in other blogs because of it. I found a really good detox tea with no licorice or uggo smells/ taste, its called triple leaf tea. I’ve been using it along with another one of theirs for a few weeks now and it’s pretty good. Not to bad on $ think it was about 5 for 20 bags at the Real Food Store.

  3. Oooh, I’m totally with you on baking. I suck at it because I don’t get how the ratios and science-y crap behind it work either. I just like continuously throwing stuff in a pot or pan till it tastes good 🙂

    Fun Thursday night sleepover!! I can’t believe it’s monday and I’m commenting on your thursday post. Ugh.

  4. […] Risotto with bell pepper, onion, edamame, spinach, and basil […]

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