Couponing It Up

Um, last night I fell asleep watching the Biggest Loser. hehe… Sorry for leaving you hanging. 😉


Semi-random breakfast feast for me yesterday.


2 fried eggs


2 Morningstar soysages


Toast with almond butter


Somehow, that didn’t fend off hunger too well.


I needed a mid-morning snack while playing musical desks at work.



It was Wednesday so Carole always has cookies on Wednesday. That means Leah always has cookies on Wednesday.

Today, it was chocolate chip.


I was having a late lunch with the girls so the cookie held me over nicely.

I may have had another one after lunch too. 😉

For lunch, Ashley, Christina and I went to a “new” sushi place: Sushi Maru.


Apparently we were coming at the tail end of their lunch so the selection was waning. I didn’t have any trouble finding something to fill my belly though!

013 014 016 018 020

Christina doesn’t like sushi but came along for the company and ended up dining on desserts!


It was nice to hang out. But I’m sort of tired of eating out after essentially a week straight.


After work, I took care of some business.


$169 later (after a $25 off coupon), I headed to the grocery store.

$88 later (after over $37 in savings with coupons and specials), I made it home by 6pm and got cracking on dinner.

But first! I poured myself some wine – Black Box Pinot Grigio!


Ok, now to dinner!

While I cooked, I was also watching TBL from a couple weeks ago! So fun!

I made Mexican Succotash minus the poblano and guesstimating the measurements. For some reason, it was lacking from the first time I made it.


I had it over some artisan lettuce.


With half an avocado on the side.


And a few slices of pan fried polenta.


The jury is still out on whether I dig polenta or not.


After dinner, I got to work on some Banana Nut Muffins since I had 3 overripe bananas staring me down while I ate.


I used a half wheat/half white flour mixture (and a dab of barley flour).


After said baking, I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, took out the recycling, and unpacked from this weekend and did some general straightening up.

Then I poured myself another glass of wine and put on another TBL episode, and proceeded to crash and burn.




8 Responses

  1. My kind of breakfast! I love eggs and faux sausage!

  2. We totally have cookie (or brownie or whatever) Thursday at my museum because a volunteer bakes and brings them in. Good, and bad all at once 🙂

  3. do the ‘soy sausages’ taste?? I’ve never tried them – do they pretty much taste like regular sausage?? Can ya give me a run down??

    • I like them because they aren’t as greasy and don’t hit your stomach really hard! They are a little drier since they don’t have the fat but they are really tasty!

      • I will have to try them……I don’t like a lot of grease anyway – I’ll give them a shot!

  4. I bought that same kind of polenta and thus far have been scared to try it.

  5. I had browning bananas this weekend and made spelt banana bread, but muffins would be great to try next time! mmm 🙂

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