The Winner of the Bread?

Last night, I got distracted by my book and didn’t manage to turn off the light until I looked up and squeaked when I saw 10:57 blaring at me on my clock! Oops! At least last night I managed 6 hours of sleep instead of the measly 5 I got the night before. And I’m trying to sneak in a solid 7 tonight. I’m so looking forward to Wednesday night and my 9pm self-imposed bed time.


Of course all I wanted (again) this morning was eggs. I thought about doing my egg + soysage little breakfast wraps but the thought was nauseating. It’s just far too much food.

So instead, I settled on 3 scrambled eggs with some cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, and cilantro.

002 003

And it was perfect.


On my way into work, I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open, completely mesmerized by the tail lights in front of me so I swung into S-bux for a misto. Sadly, my gift cards are nearing their end. I have just over 1 misto left. 😦


I smiled at the cups today.


(PS – did you guys read the comments on Angela‘s V-Day – Love or Hate post? Interesting POV’s.)


Since I had zero time (again) to actually prepare anything substantial for lunch, it was a repeat (nearly) of yesterdays.


A can of soup I won from Brie and a string cheese.


I rarely eat beef so this was actually kind of a nice treat!


Hunger was killing me today. It’s 100% hormonal. So I had dessert.


And an afternoon snack.


Or two.



I settled for mall food again tonight.

(I really despise how unprepared I feel when I don’t have time to cook or anything!)

At least I selected the best of the mall food today: The Nordstrom Bistro!


I ordered a chicken arugula personal pizza.


And I devoured the entire thing.

015 017


The other day, I found out at Nordstrom that one of the managers of another department found out she got a job at a new Nordstrom in California on Wednesday and needed to be at there on Saturday.
Wow. That’s a quick turn-around.

When I initially got hired, we heard stories from other people in management of similar things happening to them as well. Just picking up and moving for other opportunities with the company.
Naturally, this got me thinking. I started to reflect on what it would be like if I had been in that sort of situation. Would I have allowed myself to be in the first place?

At the point where I am in my life, and most importantly my relationship, the answer is no, probably not.

I think that in relationships, you know, seriously ones, with life long commitments and all that crap, there is inevitably one person in the duo that is essentially the leader and one that is the follower. I’m not saying that all are, and not in every aspect, but I think more so career wise. It’s natural that one persons career is not necessarily of greater importance, but of a higher priority.

What factors contribute to "choosing" whose career may be put on the back burner though? The paycheck? The benefits? The security? The opportunity? Fullfillment and satisfaction?

Looking at Jodus and I, it is pretty obvious. And though we have never blatantly outright said it, we both know that his career is going to be the focus for the direction that our lives go.

Partially, it’s by default. I don’t have a career. I have a job. 2 jobs. Actually, it’s 3. Nothing terribly secure. Nothing that really brings home the bacon. Nothing that is incredibly riveting or fulfilling any sort of life long dream. I’m not doing anything particularly noteworthy.

And that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get my crap together one day. But not tomorrow or the next day. Maybe even not next year. I’m content with being in the passengers seat on this trip because I know there is going to be great scenery along the way.



6 Responses

  1. I have never eaten at the Nordstrom Bistro! I lived in old downtown Bellevue for a year and never once took a walk to grab some grub!

  2. Often the “bread winner” dictates a family move, but it’s amazing how tides can turn later. As you may remember L4LNot Dad had to follow me back to the states when he was the “bread winner”, then 5 years later I followed him to Montana. You do what’s right for the family at the time and somehow it seems to all work out.

    The pizza looks awesome.

  3. I love that starbucks cup – so pretty.
    The pizza looks so yummy too, was that wheat crust?

    In my relationship, I am clearly the breadwinner. I have a career and I’ve been pretty successful in it, so it is only obvious that wherever my career takes me, my husband will have to follow. He knows I’m the leader and the one in control of things – especially the cash flow. When he brings in any money, he gives it to me. I think it’s a natural process in most relationships; one has to be the leader.

  4. Right now my husband and I are tied. He makes better money but I carry the insurance and bulk of the benefits! Neither of us have big important careers though.

    I love the Love cups! I just like heart designs on stuff. I’m such a girl!

  5. I’m the “breadwinner” (ha) right now since my boyfriend is in school. I hope one day that evens out…but I doubt I’d ever be able to not work at all.

    In other news, chicken and arugula pizza sounds amazing!

  6. Aaah yes. This reminds me a lot of Chris and I. He was the breadwinner. I had the drive and dreams for other jobs, but in reality, he had the stable one that was bringing home the bacon. He didn’t want to leave it to chase me around while I figured out what I wanted to do. And I didn’t want to settle in his crummy city and wait around while he made a bunch of money I don’t even need.

    I guess it also depends on the boy and the relationship. Some relationships are good enough that it’s worth it to follow your partner’s career, and doing that makes both of you happy. Some relationships (ahem, mine) aren’t worth it.

    Hm. Deep thoughts.


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