Santa M & Santa B

It’s 7:37pm and I am sitting in the LAX airport waiting for my flight. As soon as I get home, probably around 1am, I am plugging in my computer, hitting “publish” and going to bed so hopefully this goes up without a hitch. LAX is not on the free WiFi bandwagon. Boo.


After the night we had last night, this morning was a tiny bit rough. When we all finally arose from our slumbers, we stumbled down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. I loaded up on some good hangover preventing remedies!


French Toast + butter + syrup


Home fries + tabasco




Apple Juice (not OJ!)


Fruit (which I hardly had any of.)


I can see how the boy would be sick of their breakfasts after 2 weeks already! He’s ready for some of my yummy fixings! But apparently, they do have a waffle iron out during the week!


By noonish, we had finally made it out of the hotel, showered and mostly presentable, packed, and ready to go.

First stop: Santa Barbara

078 084

So one of my favorite things about traveling is checking out the different vegetation in different areas. Don’t make fun! It’s the biologist in me!

079 119

I freaked out, literally, when I saw birds of paradise everywhere!

080 082

I love them! They are magnificent!

We started by walking down the pier and just taking in the scenery.

094 086 095096 097

I am so thankful I got at least one nice day while I was down here! It was windy but sunny!

We got lunch at a cute little restaurant right across from the water and sat out on the patio.

117 101104 102103 

I ordered the Monterey Chicken Sandwich with sweet potato fries (!!).

106 110 111 112 113

It was massive! I ate ~3/4’s of the sandwich and probably 90% of the fries but I easily could have split this entire meal with the boy and have been content. I have no self control.

He ordered a burger with sweet potato fries.

108 109

MONDO burger! He says that he’s been incredibly happy with the burgers he’s had on this trip! He’s such a burger boy!

We spent a decent amount of time wandering around.

120121 122 124

And then we had our first STAR sighting!

Jodus and I went into the Starbucks so he could get a coffee and I could go pee and he recognized QUENTIN TARRENTINO!! Seriously!

I managed to get a picture of him walking away!


Yeah, that over weight guy is him dressed in the dark clothes, on the right!!

Exciting nonetheless!

But personally, this was obviously more exciting to me!

126 134 133

My first FroYo bar!! I had to get a froyo even though I didn’t have an appetite.

I got berry tart and chocolate nonfat froyo and topped it with all kinds of fresh fruit, mini gummi bears and two sour worms.


It was to die for!

We hopped in the car and hit the road for Santa Monica next. We liked it so much on Friday afternoon that we wanted to enjoy it sans rain!

Again, we took the PCH down there and it did not cease to impress.


And we hit town with a little time to spare to walk down the pier and catch the sunset!

141 143 145 148150 152155 164 171 181 191

Love it!

After the sunset, we walked up and did a lap down the 3rd St Promenade before settling on some dinner.

204 205 206

We were enticed by a 50% off Super Bowl Happy Hour sign at this cute little Italian place and decided to stick with their appetizer/soup/salad specials… and water. We were still in no mood for alcohol!

I ordered the butternut squash soup.

208 211

Jodus ordered the minestrone.


And we split a Caesar salad.


Then the sadness came. Jodus took me up to LAX and dropped me off. I’ll be excited to have him home on Friday!

I had about an hour to kill before my flight boarded so I bought a $2.29 bottle of water (GR). And perfect timing! My flight is now boarding! TTFN!



2 Responses

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous girl! I am SO jealous!

  2. Looks like so much fun Leah!!!!!!

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