Beautiful Day

Let’s talk beauty for a hot minute.

What’s your regime like?

I think that there are two main camps of women and their beauty regimes. No, not necessarily low maintenance versus high maintenance. I think that there are the women on one side that constantly maintain their upkeep. They regularly file their nails, get their eyebrows waxed, keep on top of coloring their roots, do weekly facials.

I’m of the other camp.

But you knew that.

I’m the kind of girl that lets herself go a bit until eyebrows are crazy, nails are breaking, roots are an inch long, I haven’t gotten my hair cut in months. Then I power through and fix everything at once. I spend a random morning, like today, using Biore strips. Tweezing the eyebrows. Using my fancy face scrubs. Trimming my nails. Maybe painting a clear coat on them if I am feeling especially zealous. I only dye my hair when my roots are so bad that I’m embarrassed every time I look in the mirror.

So I guess that’s the big/irregular stuff. But what about the daily?

I wash my face with Aveeno facial cleanser everyday. I moisturize daily with Neutrogena moisturizer. I wear Mineral Wear powder, eyeliner, and mascara. I wash my hair every other day. Yep, that’s right. If I wash my hair everyday, it gets too dry. On special days, again, when I’m feeling especially zealous, I might even put on eye shadow or blush. It takes me maybe 8 1/2 minutes to get ready in the morning.


I had a repeat of Tuesday’s breakfast. It was just so good I had to have it again!


And I don’t learn my lessons. I had two again.


And it was waaay too much.

But I ate it all anyway.

3 eggs, 2 tortillas, 3 Morningstar Soysages, cheese, sour cream, cilantro, Chalula.

I basically skipped to the airport after watching Grey’s and Private Practice this morning! I took my car to the Master Park, shuttled over to SeaTac, checked in, and got myself a soy misto at S-bux with more than enough time to spare.

003 004

After doing a bit of reading, I decided to take advantage of SeaTac’s free WiFi and caught up on my Google Reader. I wish that all airports would jump on that bandwagon!


Yes, I have a pink laptop!

The flight and boarding and everything was completely seamless. No delays. No issues. I love flying like that.

007 008

There were beautiful snow covered mountains jutting up out of the pillowy white clouds.


I have no idea what mountain that is.


I obviously never took Washington State Geography.


I would guess it is Rainier but I might be lying.


I spent the flight writing a bit, playing some games on my laptop, and doing a bit of reading. I enjoyed a Gingerale and Snack Mix while the gentleman next to pounded two Alaskan Ambers!


The soy nuts in this mix were so good! I should by myself some next time I go to the store. Mental note!

When I arrived at LAX, I was greeted by this!


Er… I mean… THIS!


(Hehe, we split the Clif Bar after corresponding via text message that we were both starving!


We drove from LAX to Santa Monica via PCH (1).

Unfortunately, it was raining the whole drive.


We made a quick pit stop for lunch after I spied this little gem!


I loved the decor!

039040 022023

It was so small and cozy! There was literally only 4 tables! It was more a cafe than a restaurant.

We both started with tea.

I ordered the soy chai latte.

028 029

He got a green tea mint mate.

024 025

For lunch, I elected for the falafel + salad.

032 033 034037

It was heavenly.

The boy ordered the Vardi Channa Bowl.


We so enjoyed our meal and it was a perfect late lunch!


We hit the rainy road again and continued our journey down PCH (with a little “lost” detour) to Oxnard, where his hotel is.

I love Marriott Residence Inn’s!

043 048

After freshening up, we headed out again. This time, we went to Ventura for dinner. After checking out the scene, we decided on a local brew pub for dinner!

059060 075

We started with the sampler.


I really only liked the C St Wheat. Sadly.


I ended up ordering a 10oz pour of it after dinner, actually! And the boy ordered a pint of IPA!

084 085

Mmmm… beer!

For dinner, I chose the Vegetable Muffaletta with extra pesto!

064 076 077 078 079

It had amazing potential. But something was missing in the execution. Satisfactory, yes, but amazeballs? No.

Jodus got the Bacon & Bleu Burger. It’s his standard.


And LOTS of ketchup with his fries.


That wasn’t quite enough.


Isn’t he a ketchup whore?!?! Love that boy.


After dinner, we were walking back to the car and saw this ridiculously massive “antique” shop! Check out the insanity we found!

086087 088 089 090091 092

On the way back to the hotel, we ran to the grocery store to pick up a couple things. I was SHOCKED to see 1) alcohol in grocery stores as WA only permits hard A. to be sold in state liquor stores and 2) how ridiculously CHEAP it was to buy a handle of booze!

094 096095 

Haha, we are simple people.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening with my darling. So happy to be with him! Hoping the rain ceases tomorrow!

(BOY! That was a doozie of a post! Did you make it all the way through?!?! 😉 )



6 Responses

  1. Whoa, that supper looks amazing!! And you got the Captain Morgan, right? 😛 Oh! And those mountain shots are so neat!! I’ve never seen that before, obviously I’ve never been out west.

    Beauty. I’m in the latter group too. I don’t even file my nails. Ever. I don’t wax my eyebrows, ever. It’s amazing I ever even make it to a hairdresser.

  2. your hotel room is so cute! I don’t know why, but I love checking out hotels. 🙂

    Love that vegetarian/vegan place, too! the chai latte looks heavenly

  3. That muffaletta looks so good, sad it was missing something! I hope you get sunshine—rains everytime I go to Cali–boo!

  4. Looks like you two are having a great time, good thing you are Washingtonians, you don’t let rain stop you from doing whatever!

    Smurfs? Really?

  5. So…Leah, got a little captian in ya?

    And dont forget to stop at an “In and Out Burger”. There da bomb.

  6. Looks like a great place! Very pretty! I stick to the East coast because I’m a little iffy on planes…

    The antique store looked very entertaining, mainly because everytime I go to one I skip anything remotely antique and buy something silly! The Smurf display reminded me that I broke my last remaining Smurf glass! 😦

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