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Something To Write Home About

Good morning, my lovelies. I knew you wouldn’t mind me skipping out on posting last night – I was exhausted and honestly, just not in the right frame of mind so I slept it off and am feeling much much better this morning!

So let’s get on with yesterday, shall we?


Oh. My. Word. I am pretty sure this is my favorite breakfast now.


Scrambled Eggs. Morningstar Soysages. Sour Cream. Cheese. Cilantro. Chalula. Chipotle Wrap.


Pure Heaven.


Whoa! Did you see two coming?!


Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m an oinker!

To be honest, I was uncomfortably full after this. Really. But it was so worth it. Fresh cilantro makes the difference.


The last of my fiesta pasta! I’m kind of glad to see it go.


And some fungus + hummus!


Christina and I went to Nordstrom Rack during lunch and I loaded up on some goods. Namely, I loaded up on new bras and a new strapless for my dress fitting tomorrow. I’ve got to say, getting properly fitted for a bra makes a world of difference! I don’t know the last time I bought myself bras was but mine were all waaaaay old and waaaay too big from losing weight the last couple years! It was a good investment and I plan to go get more next pay check!

Afternoon love:



AND, damn you S-bux gift cards.


Look at that sky! This was the most beautiful day we have had in ages and I spent it cooped up in an office!


I went to work #2 after work #1.

Look! I actually took pictures!


(Fried rice + leftover roasted chicken)

Wanna know why?


Yep! An empty break room!

(And yes, I willingly watch Family Feud!)

I really don’t know why I am so shy about it at Nordie’s. It’s a different crowd I guess. The employees tend to be more into fashion and not so much into food. Oh well.

Anyway, I also had a naner.


And 2 damn delicious shortbread cookies that were in the break room.


I arrived home, completely exhausted, around 10pm, but was greeted with not one but two packages!

Package #1 was from Foodbuzz!


I’m excited to try this out!

Package #2 was from Brie!


I giggled when I saw that she used her new New Balance box!


Brie had taken me up on my offer to send her Cleaving so I threw together a little care package for her with the book. She sent me a box of goodies, direct from Kansas City in return!


I am soooo excited!

021 022

I’m especially excited about Pineapple Jalapeno. Ya’ll know that’s my fav pizza combo! (Obviously, I eat it all the time!)

I don’t know how much I’ll actually share with Jodus.


Warm Welcome

I have a HUGE announcement to make. My quirky, wonderful MOM has decided to join the blog world after seeing how amazing you all are!


Make sure you pay her a visit and give her a warm welcome! I already added her to my blog roll and reader!

(PS – very jealous of her new Nikon D5000. And that she has her own url already.)

I’m off to start my day, wearing a super cute new blazer I got at the Rack for $9! 😉


6 Responses

  1. Your b-fast looks AMAZING! YUM! And horay for goodies! 😀

  2. Your breakfast looks soooo good! Can I come over for some? =)

  3. I love that coffee it’s my absolute favorite! enjoy

  4. Fungus + Hummus is one of my fave combos. And not just cause it rhymes 😉

    I’d stick around to chat – but I gotta go check out your momma’s blog!! Hope you’re having a fabulous Waffle Wednesday – good luck at the dress fitting tonight!

  5. Leah, thanks for the plug for my blog. You’re friends are great, they have already visited, and I thought you would be my only reader!

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