Bag Lady

I am really really starting to appreciate my evenings off. REALLY. Especially when I only have one in the week! I took full advantage of it by being the laziest piece of work ever. But more on that… 😉


A quick and easy breakfast and very satisfying:


Dave’s Good Seed + TJ’s Roasted AB + banana

Sadly, no Waffle Wednesday for me this week.

And for the first time in a loooooong time, like so long I can’t even remember the last time long, I had yogurt for a mid-morning snack!!!!


Plus some yummy granola.

027 028

This was heavenly. I need to jump on my Yami bandwagon again.


Leftover fried rice + chicken AND an orange that I didn’t snap a pic of. Oops!


I sported my new $9 blazer at work today!


Strike a pose!

ANTM best watch out! They always gotta have the token “plus” size model every season, riiight?


I like the little details!


I especially like the price!

Also, sporting my relatively new bag:


So being that I’m in the handbag business (job #2), I am curious. What kind of bag do you carry? Name brand? Not? Big? Small? Shoulder? Crossbody? Leather? Do you care about bags? Simple or flashy?

This one I am sporting is a B. Makowsky that I got a sweeeet deal on. And I love the purple! It’s the most I have ever spent on a bag. I usually get hand-me-downs or buy on consignment or at Target or something. But now that I have owned a nicer bag for a few weeks, I can def tell the difference in quality. And I’ve gotten tons of compliments! 😉

Dessert was a lemon + macadamia nut cookie!



One of the ladies in my office always brings cookies on Wednesdays, leftover from a meeting she has. I can’t resist the lemon ones!


After work, I went for my dress fitting! I still love my dress. It fits like a glove! The only “alterations” I need are to add the pink waistband. (It originally came with a taupe one.) I also found a hair piece I think I like. But it’s $126! For a couple beads and feathers? WTF? hmph. I’m a tight wad apparently.

Anywho, on my way out of the shop, I noticed a new tux shop right next door! I fell in love with a suit and the owner gussied it all up for me, pink kerchief and all, and I booked us an appointment to go take a gander at it with the boy the weekend he gets home! It’s $125ish to rent the tux for a week which sounds reasonable to me. (See? That’s how much it is for just the hairpiece that I like! WTF?!?)

Anyway, I made it home around 6 and was starving so I made the fastest badest salad I could.



Artisan lettuce, 1 tomato, 3 mushrooms, a few onion slivers, leftover salmon, cilantro, and my new sauce:


It was interesting. Not the best salad I’ve ever had but pretty good for how quick I threw that guy together. It needed nooch. Which I had. Silly me.


Yes, I ate on the couch. I watched shows while I ate. House. Desperate Housewives. Brothers & Sisters. And I tried to start The Biggest Loser and my internet kept going out on me.




Mmmmm, good!

I might get me a string cheese or something while I read my book in bed. (I love the salty coating on string cheese!)

TTFN, loves!



5 Responses

  1. Ooh, it’s been forever since I had chocolate soy milk – now I want some!

    I used to be all about the GIANT cloth shoulder bags. But I also used to be a huge hippie 😛 Now I’ve upgraded to the more adult black leather purses. They hold up much better. I have one small one and one larger one to carry my SLR 🙂 Oh! And lots of tote bags!

  2. LOVE B. Makowsky! Got my first bag of his last year in NYC for my bday…last year as in 2008 not 2009 yet. Loved it so much I got a new one in Macy’s this year for my bday. My mom calls me whenever he’s on the HSN (which I think is horrifying, but whatevs) and we talk about his “leath-a” and how great it is. My bags are always big and so are his (pretty much) so they fit me. I have a bright fuscia one now and have an olive green one.

    Love yours!

  3. LOVES the bag!! my mom buys me a new Coach every Christmas…this year it was a purple one!!! LOVE purple!!!!!!

  4. I personally am a cheap bag person. I randomly pick up whatever catches my eye at Target or TJ Maxx. I’d rather spend money on traveling or concerts than clothes or accessories I guess! I do like your purple bag however!

  5. Yeah for the dress fitting! Can’t wait to see it. I love your bag, as you know, I’m a big hobo bag fan. It’s got to be big enough for all the cr@p. I am a dedicated Coach fan, the denim coach bag is definitely my fav of all time. And I love, love your little blazer!

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