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Filed Away

Eeks! My book kept me up until nearly 11pm! Whoops! And as always, my 5:20 alarm was not pleasant. Somehow though, I managed to get to work early?! Interesting…


This probably attributed my earliness at work: I just grabbed the last of my “waste-eliminator” muffins.


I ate one in the car and two around 8am.

I also made a pit stop at Starbucks for a tall soy misto!


Dangerous things happen when I have not one but TWO S-bux gift cards in my wallet!

A really exciting thing happened at work today.


I finally got a shingle after a whole year (as of tomorrow) of working for my company!



(Too bad my name is changing in a few months!) 😉

(And does it look funny that I’m the only one with a MI? All the advisors above us have their middle initials!)


Thanks to Grandma, I had some leftover Thai Veggies!


And thanks to Minute, I served it over a single serving of instant brown rice!


It was so yum. I wanted a second bowl! I love love love pineapple juice so veggies cooked in it is awesome!

Afternoon fruity snacks:



And chocolate.

008 009


And 6 M&M’s.


I was working at Nordie’s tonight. I got a quick break to scarf down leftover fiesta pasta.

(Sorry, no picture!)

It really is much better heated up. Mega downside of brown rice pasta apparently = not well for cold pasta salads.

And it wasn’t quite satisfying enough so I also had 1.5 servings of spicy cocktail almonds. And two hunks of cookie.

ANOTHER really exciting thing happened today at this job too! I got business cards! I’m all legit and $h!t now!

When I got home from work (nearly 10pm), I filed my taxes! The last of my tax stuff (which was a lot) arrived in the mail and I am incredibly impatient so I filed right away. I had already started actually.

It’s really quite ridiculous. I had FOUR W-2’s to file and 3 other documents (mostly school related stuff). I’m getting some serious cash monies back. Which will be going directly into my savings account! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I hope the boy gets some back too! I also ate 4 TJ Hazelnut Delights.

Damn sweet tooth.

It will be the death of me.

Tomorrow is another 6am-10pm sort of day. And I have a very busy morning ahead of me so I better get to bed!

Do you procrastinate your taxes or do them as soon as you can? Do you do your own, have a friend or family member do them, or pay someone to do them?


7 Responses

  1. Congrats on the name plate, the one year anniversary at W&R, and the business cards!! How exciting. Too bad you’re working way to hard to enjoy it. Don’t worry about the sweets. They are just a small consolation for your efforts. Hang in there. You’ll be in Cali enjoying a long weekend before you know it.

  2. Getting my taxes done tonight chica. The only reason I am not doing it myself (I always have before) is I 1099ed this year and I am getting that home credit and have no clue what I’m doing 🙂 Mine is going into savings (and paying the rents’ back) as well!

  3. I’m very lucky that the men in my life do my taxes for me. I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to do them.

  4. Congrats on the work end! Shiny plates always make me happy! 😀
    I don’t do my taxes, I go to a little tax place the next city down that is family owned. I have so much paperwork to wait for, it’s nerve wrecking. I have work, school, IRA and CD account- from school alone I have to wait for a total of 4 documents. Lame. So glad to hear you’re getting serious mula back!!

  5. I usually do my taxes asap because I’ve NEVER not gotten a refund…until now. I’m still seething about it.

  6. My mom does my taxes and I plan on keeping that up as long as humanly possible. Then I’ll pay someone, probably,

  7. Your somebody now! Nameplate, business cards, you sound succesful!

    Let’s not bring up taxes…L4LNotDad, hasn’t started them. That mean’s it’ll be touch and go near the deadline and I’ll be the go part (have to leave him alone at time).

    PS. I love your middle initial.

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