Off To Grandmothers House I Go!

Friday morning it was hard for me to pull myself out of bed. Completely exhausted from my week, I had to get up a bit early to pack up my bag to go visit Grams for the weekend!


To make my morning easier, I reheated some waffles to make the morning a bit easier for me, time-management-wise.


I even had time to grab a soy misto before work! Lucky me, I have 2 S-bux gift cards burning a whole in my wallet!



I pretty much ran around like a chicken with my head cut off all day at work. I was trying to get out of there early and had an ever growing stack of stuff that had to get done before I could leave.

Fortunately, lunch gave me a nice little break from my crazy day! Three of the gals from work went with me to dim sum! It was my first time! I pretty much didn’t know what I was eating and let them grab the stuff off the carts!


My first plate:


You could probably times that by two.

I know the two balls were shrimp filled and quite tasty. Of course I liked the pot sticker. The beef tasted like Mongolian Beef and was rather tasty. The pork was good but had bones in it which made it challenging. And the sticky rice wasn’t bad at all.

And another pastry stuffed with pork. (I also had an unpictured sticky bun stuffed with pork which was much better!)


The tea was really good. Everything else was pretty greasy but not bad.

I finally made it out of the office, ran to the post office to mail a package to a special someone and was on the road by 3:15. What is normally just over an hour long drive took me just under two.


Rain + Friday afternoon traffic = no fun.

Tacoma Dome!


I arrived to my grandparent’s house unscathed and greeted by furry friends that were quite interested in my luggage!

008 009 011

I swear, if I had pets, I would be one of those crazy pet people that posted pictures of their furry friends on the daily! Don’t hate! This weekend will be filled with them! 😉


My grandmother knows me so well! As soon as I got settled in, I was greeted by a glass of champagne!


(I also had a second!)

We immediately got started on some snacky hor d’ourves.


Can’t go wrong with veggies and hummus!

Dinner was a wonderfully healthy planned meal also! (I love my Grams!)


Oodles of veggies…

014 016

Simmered in some spices and pineapple juice mostly and served over rice and topped with very finely processed peanuts.


With some wine!

017 018

And dessert was chocolate Bundt cake with passion fruit sorbet.


Oh it was all so good!

We spent the evening just hanging out and watching What Not To Wear! I really need to come visit more often!



2 Responses

  1. Wow! For the exception of a really busy day at work and the heavy traffic… looks like you had a really great start to your weekend. The Thai Vegetable Curry looks really good!

    I can’t believe that it will be raining in SoCal next weekend when you come to visit me. You just can’t escape the rain. It’s not fair!

  2. Yay package! I hope yours comes soon.

    Also, love the cat on luggage pics. I think I posted one of Southie on my suitcase just like that last week!

    And finally I want that chocolate bundt cake NOW.

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