Kitties and Crafts

What a perfectly wonderful little Saturday I’ve had with my Grandma!

First and foremost, I had a fantastic night’s sleep! She has these heated mattress pads on the bed and I had them turned on high to pre-warm my bed and got in to the coziness and proceeded to pass out immediately! I didn’t wake from my slumber until nearly 9am!


Grandma made a frittata for breakfast! It had sausage, potato, egg, bell pepper, a little hot sauce, and topped with cheese and a dollop of yogurt.

The first piece was a bit messy to get out of the pan.


So I had to have a second! 😉


We spent a good hour at least chatting around the breakfast table; listening to stories of their travels is so much fun!

Then I had a kitty photo shoot! Here are my favs:

038 044 054 058 066 063

Aren’t they darling?! They are 8 months old! Do you remember the pictures from just one month ago at Christmas time? I can tell they have matured in the last month!


My grandmother and I spent at least a good hour scouring through quilting magazines and books! She is making the boy and I a quilt for a wedding gift and today was all about me giving her some direction! We broke for a quick lunch before heading out to fabric stores!

Lunch was pure perfection!

Cheese and crackers, veggies and hummus!

067 068 069 070 071

My little plate:


Plus a carrot + ginger soup that was to die for!




Then we headed out to look at fabric! It took a couple stores and lots of pulling fabrics and comparing and changing and putting them back before I finally settled on my fabrics!

075  079 080 081 082

What do you think of my fabric choices? I think the kittens did! They kept me company when I set them all out!


The design will be something like this example I found in a magazine.


After fabric shopping, I bought us some soy mistos for a little pick-me-up!


Another fabulous meal! (I really think food tastes better when you aren’t the one preparing it!)

We had more hor d’ourves pre-dinner!


These crackers are soooo good!

With a hot salmon dip that had cream cheese, horseradish, and I’m sure something else in it!


We did a number on it! Kinda ruined my appetite actually.

But did that stop me from enjoying dinner? HA! No way!

Greg (my grandfather by marriage) was in charge of the salmon.

021 023  030

Salt, pepper, brown sugar, butter, and garlic, baked in the oven.


We sipped on some pinot while we waited.

027 028

Ended up having three of these small glasses through the course of the night. I’m such a lush! But we didn’t make it to Dad’s Shiraz so maybe we aren’t lushes!

With the salmon, we had roasted potatoes (YUM) and some green beans.

031 032 033 034

It was fantastic!


And I hear they may be sending me home with leftovers! W00t!

Dessert was a (small) handful of dark chocolate covered edamame! 😀

(Yes, I made my grandmother go buy some because they are so darn tasty!)

I’m so not wanting this weekend to end!



3 Responses

  1. Looks like a fabulous time!! 🙂 I love grandmas!

  2. Holy cow!! You ate like a Queen this weekend! I’m sooooooo jealous! And to think, you didn’t have to cook any of it. What a treat. Thanks Grandma Sue and Grandpa Greg!!

    I don’t have much fabric choosing experience under my belt (surprising, I know), but I’d say you did just fine. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. HOT salmon dip?? Then freshly cut salmon?? I love it! I also love grandma plates. I always feel so fancy eating off my Nana’s 🙂

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