Family Potluck!

I started off my Sunday with more kitty fun!

004 006 009 011

Aren’t they adorbs?!



So. Good.

008 012

I had a good size piece and some of the best bacon I’ve ever had!

014 015

I took a few minutes after breakfast to look over some goodies for another craft project that my Grandma is working on for me!

017 018 019

For the wedding, I am wanting a bouquet out of antique jewelry and beading and stuff! I think it will be a cool touch and I don’t want to deal with flowers for a destination wedding.

This is my inspiration:


What do you think?!


We had a family potluck at my great aunt and uncle’s house that was oh so fabulous and I ate waaay too much food!

It started with wine!

025 027

This was a fabulous Malbec! I should drink more Malbec’s.

I did manage to stick with just my one glass. I mean, it was only 1 in the afternoon after all! 😉

My lunch plate:


Sheppard’s Pie, scalloped corn, garlic bread, Italian meatballs, fried rice.

Second plate:


More corn and a slice of garlic bread.

And I may have had more garlic bread.

And meatballs.



Double chocolate chunk cookie. Far too sweet but I ate it all anyway.


I’m spoiled and was loaded up with leftovers for the week since they knew I was gonna be working double time!


Salmon, thai veggies, fried rice, hummus!

I also still have some leftovers in the fridge from last week that need to get eaten.

All that being said, and the fact that I was in no mood to cook or eat resulted in this dinner:


Yep, that’s it! And a lot of water! I was feeling a bit dehydrated. It was perfect. And at nearly 10pm, I am still full!

I did get some stuff done around the house this evening: dishes, hand washing trouser socks, taking out the recycling, unpacking, opening a package, AND I managed to watch two movies! Mostly Martha and The Women, both were good!

I’m off to bed and dreading my week. I work at both W&R and Nordie’s on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday is my dress fitting after work and errands and cleaning and cooking. And I leave for CALIFORNIA on Friday! W00t!



4 Responses

  1. Please, take me to California with you. It’s coooold here!! 😛

    That bouquet is gorgeous, I adore it. Plus, it’s something you’ll be able to keep forever. So long as you don’t toss it I suppose, which could cause injuries 😛

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that bouquet idea, so beautiful. I would never have thought of that!

  3. You’re bouquet is a perfect choice…of course. I see you are coming home with the Sabra Hummus…my personal favorite. It is so smooth, creamy and packed with good flavor!

  4. I love that bouquet idea!!!!! How perfect and you can keep it forever!! Love it!

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