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    Hi! My name is Leah and I like food! Welcome to my blog about mostly healthy eats! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at leftoversforlunchATgmailDOTcom.

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What Keeps You Coming Back For More?

Waffle Wednesday!

I had 1.5 waffles with double butter: butter AND almond butter!

003 002

I actually only had 5 of these wedges.

And they were leftovers from Sunday so it was ridiculously quick and easy this morning!

Leftovers For Lunch

I had a lunch of champions today!


Sweet Potato




Roasted chicken breast


And I shared half an orange with Christina an hour later.


And dessert was a coconut + macadamia nut cookie that was raw in the middle and so good!


Pre-Job #2, I had a muffin.


Shopping + Dinner

I did some shopping on my dinner break. Can you guess who I am shopping for? 😉

Then I ate my leftover fiesta pasta… at room temperature.


(Blackberry photo!)

Brown rice pasta = yuck when not hot!

Why do you read blogs?

More importantly, why do you continue to read blogs?

The pictures?

The words?

The humor?

Can you relate to the person?

Are you envious of their lifestyle?

To learn something?

Because you are related to/know the person?

I’m really devoted to maybe 20 blogs. Meaning they are in my Google Reader which I check obsessively. There is a small handful of others I check semi-regularly. Blogs change. People change. I change. But for some reason, I can not remove my Google Reader-worthy blogs! No matter how much the posts lack luster now. No matter how much the person annoys me. No matter how preachy they get. I can. not. stop. reading. I’m like with with television shows too. If I find a show I like, I will watch it until the day it dies, even if it really starts to suck. I’m so loyal it makes me sick.

Sorry for the tangent.


Lurkers too!



11 Responses

  1. Hi! Just found your blog. I love reading food blogs because it is awesome to see different approaches to eating well. Some people are extremists, some people don’t eat meet, some people count calories, and some people are just mindful about it. Sometimes it gives me something to vent about, sometimes it makes me think about the way eat. Whatever it may be, it gets my mind thinking, and I like that!

  2. I read it for various reasons:
    • I know you
    • I love food
    • I love blogging
    • I like the pictures
    • I like seeing what new stuff you’re munching on and if you review it highly, I get curious to try it.
    • I think you’re cute
    • Some of your posts make me laugh
    • AND seeing what recipes you share 🙂

    Hope that was helpful 🙂

  3. Blog reading:

    I read you because you’re my friend so I’m actually interested in what you do (You’re also not ridiculously cheery all the time. I don’t hang out with ridiculously cheery people). I also like your eats and when you go on road trips and take out wildlife ;). I’m more interested in people’s lives than what they actually eat.

    I read 5 other food blogs that are on my google reader. I find most bloggers boring because they never get drunk and stupid, high and stupid, or reveal their real-life embarrassing antics. I feel like most blogs are censored versions of real lives and if they are uncensored they probably aren’t people that I would spend time with.

    That is my main problem with blogs; the lack of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll 😉 And it is also why I don’t start my own. I wouldn’t want to incriminate myself *eyeroll*

    Love you chickadee!

  4. I read blogs because I have an unhealthy obsession with food and I want to see what other people are eating or try a new recipe. Also it gives me something to do on breaks since I don’t smoke. Usually the non-food comments on blogs either make me feel like I could be friends with the person or that I wouldn’t be able to stand them. Sometimes I read blogs of people I personally am bored by out of habit. This isn’t the case with you however!

    Similar to the above comment I really hate reading goody-goody blogs. I don’t like reading about people who eat, drink, and act perfect 24/7. Too boring.

  5. Why do I read blogs, they are entertaining. They give me something to do when I have nothing to do and when I should be doing other things. There are about 10 blogs that I really love to read. The others in my reading have good days and bad days. I love the pictures, I enjoy hearing about the different workouts. I have found two blogs where I have so much in common with the person and I think that is cool. I love all the new products I see, new recipes and different restaurants. I do find inspiration in many blogs so many people have come so far and done such amazing things.

  6. I read your blog. That’s it. There’s lots of reasons…I started ’cause you’re my sis and I figured I’d support you in your endeavors. But then, I really got into it. I’m a little voyeuristic, but I also like to see what new ideas you come up with, etc. Most of the time you can make me laugh (often cause I can relate), and I enjoy the pictures.

  7. […] What Keeps You Coming Back For More? […]

  8. To be perfectly honest, if I stumble across a blog that is 1) badly written and 2) has bad photos, I can’t continue to read it. Sounds awful, because usually it’s the people behind the blog that keep me coming back, but those two things are always an immediate turn off for me. Especially the pictures. If you’re blog is photo-based, it should have nicer pictures than those taken with a cell phone, ya know?

    I first started reading blogs when I was transitioning into weight maintenance and out of calorie counting. They helped me immensely in seeing what real, healthy women eat. I’ve embraced a lot more foods that I previously labelled as “off limits” because of this.

    I’m also like you – I have 20 blogs I read religiously, then maybe 20 more that I peruse when I have the time. I’m always switching out my Google Reader though. I do a cleanse maybe once every couple months.

  9. I’m going to have to go with ‘all of the above’ …. except I would not say envious of the lifestyle, because I love mine……but I do love the healthy way you eat and prepare things, and I do hope to do that more and more. You have really inspired me 😉 …. I absolutely love reading your blog…..I love reading a lot of food blogs – which I did find from your blog and Jenn’s. You guys are so awesome!!! I do look forward to seeing what is ‘next’……..that is what keeps me coming back 😉

  10. I read because….you are my daughter and why haven’t you posted anything lately???? I mean really two whole days….I miss you.

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