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Wowsers, it has been a long week for me! I am exhausted!

BTW – I love reading all your reasons on why you read blogs!


Purely satisfying and exactly what I needed!


2 fried eggs and a slice of Dave’s Good Seed with strawberry jam.


Oh lordy, I am having a love affair with eggs!


So you know how last time I showed you what a dump our place gets when the boy is gone? Well, it didn’t take long for me to trash it again.


*hangs head in dismay*

Another head hang worthy morning at work:


This is a mini-muffin.

I had about a million of them.

No seriously.

Well, at least 6.

Some blueberry. More chocolate chip.

I gave myself a tummy ache.

I’m a glutton for punishment.


Apparently I am also a glutton for punishing everyone else in my office too!


This is leftover salmon + onion + orange salad and the salmon and onion stuck to the high heavens!


Good thing my coworkers looooooovvvvvvvveeeee me!

Next to a pen for size comparison:


Oh yes, that is one mondo salad!

On the car ride into job #2, I ate a banana.


Leftover pasta dish.


(recycled picture)

And a muffin.


(recycled picture)

(Yes, I am still Nordstrom break room camera shy!)

Dessert consisted of polishing off TJ’s chocolate covered edamame. That’s right. It took me 3 nights. I’m pretty sure the first two nights I had like 3 servings. And tonight I had one. Hheeeheeee!

This Weekend

I am spending some quality time with my Grandma this weekend! (dad’s mom) I’m going down to Olympia (1.5hrs south) to hang and do crafty things and I have no idea what my blogging situation is going to be like so I am planning on not blogging until Sunday afternoon but know that I will be thinking of you all and taking fabby pictures!

Tomorrow is also a hot lunch date with 3 ladies from the office for dim sum (never had!) and I’m still debating whether or not I am going to be camera shy.

Question of the Day

Do you say:

a) Twenty Ten

b) Two Thousand Ten

c) Two Thousand and Ten

d) other

Second Question of the Day

How do you think it should be said?


5 Responses

  1. C) Two Thousand and Ten all the way!

    And I think that’s how it should be said – I’ve been saying “Two Thousand and” all through the 1-9, I can’t change to “Twenty-” now. Creature of habit for sure.

  2. Two thousand and ten. The other two choices do not sound right when I say rhem.

  3. Two thousand and ten for wedding invites! I swear! Look, The Knot says so! http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-invitations/articles/formal-wedding-invitation-wording-both-sets-parents-hosting.aspx

    (It does sound stupid, but it’s correct.) Personally, I say two thousand ten, no and.

  4. Fun fact: I was a vegan for a month once and it was eggs that got me off it. I couldn’t resist a melty fried egg sandwich. Best one I’ve ever had, still to this day 🙂 LOVE eggs.

    Definitely NOT twenty ten. I think I say “two thousand ten” but written out, I like “two thousand and ten.”

  5. I agree, good stuff.

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