Cheater, Cheater!

I had a pretty great Friday, yesterday! 😀


Really boring and not at all filling cereal + strawberries + banana + cinnamon.


With tea and grass.

004005 001

And a necessary morning snack:


I love me some orange!


Lunch was amazing. I had leftover quinoa/bulgur/lentil pilaf and some steamed green beans.


I ended up dousing it all in salt.


Somewhere during the day, I had been talking about my sushi craving and how I was supposed to go on Wednesday but Ashley cancelled. One of the interns at work had tried talking me into going with him for lunch but since I had packed mine, I couldn’t really justify it.

I may have mentioned my love for spicy tuna rolls.


And he surprised me by bringing some back.

So I’m really not supposed to have white rice during Detox Week 3. (-1) BUT I am supposed to have seaweed (+1) and wasabi (+1) so I’m still coming out ahead and don’t feel bad about the cheat.


That is one hell of a lot of wasabi, with just a splash of soy sauce. So good. I was sniffling and tearing up and it was amazing.

Date Night

When Jodus got home from work, we had a quick little bite before heading out into the city!


Tapenade + crisp bread

On the drive down to Seattle, I had some fun with the camera!

019020 021

Don’t those look neat?

We walked around town for an hour or so doing a little bit of window shopping, mostly wedding related stuff. It was nice and leisurely and stress free.

Then we headed to Queen Anne for dinner at Bamboo Garden.


I totally randomly found this on the internet when looking for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant for us to go to that is mostly detox friendly.

027 028

I was really impressed with the menu online! but when we walked up, it didn’t look like much.

025 045

But it was packed inside so we took that as a good sign! And we still managed to get a booth pretty quickly.


We totally splurged by getting tea + appetizer + soup + dinner.

We started with some Jasmine Tea.

033 035 036

And an appetizer of Taro Root patties.

030 037

They kinda tasted like tater tots?


Some food fun (the boy did it)!


Then we got some Hot & Sour Soup.

031 041

The waitress told us this was a “medium spice” soup.

Um, no. We were crying and sniffling and could barely good through this little cup of pure heat! This had Jodus a tiny bit worried because he ordered a “hot” dish that the waitress said it was “Kiss The Sun” hot!! Oh lordy, are we in for a treat!

For “my” entree, I chose the Mongolian “Beef”.


And Jodus ordered the Kung Pao “Chicken”.

034 043

My first plate:


It was sooo sooo soooooo good! I made sure to try a piece of the “chicken” and “beef” and it was remarkably good! It was like their meat counterparts but slightly softer maybe?

Please take a gander at these pictures of Jodus before and after round 1 of dinner.

036 046

Notice anything different?

Look at that rosacea flare up on his cheeks and those pink pink slightly swollen lips! lol… at least he’s smiling! Sorta.

It was wicked spicy and he thinks he got a bite or two of the peppers in the Mongolian Beef that you aren’t supposed to eat! Oops!

Plate #2:


Yeah, I pigged out. But at least I didn’t waste precious tummy space with yucky celery.



Dinner was really nice. I am really glad that we opted to go out even though we were on the detox. It was mostly detox friendly except they use vegetable oil instead of olive oil and I am sure that there was some sugar in the sauces. But other than that, we were probably great! Jodus leaves on Sunday for 3 weeks and we needed a nice night out together.

We meandered over to the IMAX which is right at the Seattle Center.

051 053 054

We were really excited to see that there wasn’t a line at Will Call even though we were there almost an hour early for the movie. We expected it to be crazy but we wanted to make sure we got good seats.


No lines! Well, until we got closer. We were definitely in the first third of people seated so we scored some decent seats. There were people that were smarter than us that brought games and cards and stuff to goof off with while we all waited to get into the theater. We just people watched and I read a bit of my Google Reader and looked longingly into my loves eyes! 😉

056 057

How was Avatar?

AWESOME! I love love loved the graphics! Totally worth it to go to the IMAX. And for being a 3 hour movie, it didn’t seem that long! It totally sucks you in! I really liked it! I wish they hadn’t cut out the avatar sex scene though! 😉 haha. Aspects of this movie reminded me of Ferngully which I also really enjoyed when I was younger.

What was especially nice about tonight is how laid back and relaxing it was, timing wise. I had bought us IMAX tickets last week for the 10:45 showing of Avatar because the earlier showing was already sold out. Normally, we don’t go out that late because we are old boring people but we decided to seize the day. We’ve been worried about how we would hold up all week though. But the success of tonight leads us to maybe want to go to more late night showings! We didn’t get home until after 2am and totally crashed on impact with the pillow. I wish we could afford to have good date nights more regularly! Next month, it’ll be date-weekend when I visit Jodus in CA and another date night for V-day! I’m already looking forward to it!



9 Responses

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m glad I did! I’ll be stopping by more often 🙂

  2. how did you do that with your camera?!?!?! those pictures look AWESOME!

    also – AVATAR! omg i loved it so much (and went in thinking I would hate it!)

    • It is a setting on my point & shoot for night shots where the shutter stays open longer and I would swirl the camera around the entire time! Those are all tail lights and stuff on the freeway!

  3. It sounds like you had a great night!! I want to see Avatar and I think that my boyfriend and I are going to see it this week!!! I aslo have a question… what does your fiance do that he has to leave for long periods of time??

    • He’s a Contract Specialist for the Navy, but he’s a civilian working for the government. He doesn’t normally travel this much but has a lot of training this year at other bases and last week he was in Virginia for a conference.

  4. Spicy tuna rolls are pretty much amazing. Totally “cheat” worthy!

  5. Ahhhh! I LOVE Fern Gully!!! Not IMAX though, it makes me woozy :\

    Pffft, cheat shmeat, sounds like you had a fab night with the boy. Totally worth it!

  6. I have always wanted to eat at that place – we always drive past it when we are going to a show. It looks amazing from your pictures – now I am craving Chinese!
    So glad you loved the movie, too. Hopefully the next few weeks will fly by!

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