Detox Week 3

Going into the third week of the detox, the final week, it is more of the same. You’ve seen the list of eliminated stuff from Detox Week 2. That’s exactly the same.

This week, the focus is completely on a whole foods diet.

Focus mostly on veggies and some fruit.

Protein and Grains are permitted but only as supporting roles.

Drink a lot of water and teas.

Get in some seaweed.

A lot of spices and herbs!

Try wasabi, onions, shallots, chives, garlic and ginger.

Daily green liquid or powder.

Other recommended things that I am negating are nettle tea, detox powder, glutamine, alpha-lipoic acid. I just can’t justify spending the extra money right now!

My own personal goal is to focus on the support aspects by trying to meditate, do yoga, and slow down when eating.



One Response

  1. Week 3 already? Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun.

    I have noticed a change in my energy levels. And I feel much more alert. Yey!

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