Boy, oh Boy!

This morning, I set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier than I had all week and enjoyed that extra time under the covers with my blackberry reading some blogs! I really like getting up slowly in the morning; that is one reason I miss Jodus! His alarm goes off at 4:45 and I don’t usually get out of bed until 5:15-5:30. It’s quite nice. I’m exciting for things to be back to normal next week!


After happily wandering downstairs to a clean kitchen, I proceeded to dirty it up again. 😉

Conveniently enough, this morning I had an almost empty jar of peanut butter! I made a pretty good dent in that thing this week! 😉


For the first time all week, I made myself a batch of oatmeal for one! I used about a cup of vanilla soymilk, a scoop of ground flax, a tsp of cocoa powder, 1/3 cup of oats, and 1 banana. Then topped it with some PB!

003 004

And I drank some grass while I cooked.



More leftover mung beans with lots of Indian flava! Atop a bunch of spinach!


I also had an afternoon snack of an orange but I was busy chatting with Christina and it was really juicy and I didn’t get a picture. Sorry ’bout that.

Then I finally got around to some detox tea. I had some of my old tea stashed in my desk at work! Yogi, I love thee!

008 009

I also finished up the meal planning through the end of the detox and made our shopping list for tonight!


Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be able to read my chicken scratch!

What does that mean, anyway? Chicken scratch? Don’t you hate it when you say a popular saying and then realize that you have no idea what it means or what it’s origins are? Kinda pisses me off.



After work, I fought Friday traffic, made a pit stop at the bank, and beat Jodus home from the airport. I got to work on dinner right away!

Bhindi Masala

  • 2 bags of frozen cut okra
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • dash of cayenne
  1. Place the okra in a large, microwave-safe dish with a splash of water; cook in microwave on High for 5 minutes. Stir. Microwave again for 5 more minutes. Drain excess liquid.
  2. Heat the olive oil and cumin seeds together in a large skillet over medium-high heat until the cumin seeds swell and turn golden brown. Fry the onions in the heated oil for 3 minutes. Add the tomatoes to the mixture and cook another 3 minutes. Stir the okra into the mixture; season with the curry powder and salt. Cook and stir the mixture until hot through and slightly browned. Serve hot.

011 020

To go with, I made some quick Minute brown rice.


I felt like that wouldn’t be quite enough to satisfy my hungry belly so I boiled some chunked carrots, drained, tossed in oil, thyme, and a tiny squirt of agave.


Voila! (Not to be confused with Viola!)

022 018


The boy was very excited to be home!


But not as excited as I was to see him! He brought me back a couple of goodies!


(Virginia is for lovers.)


What does our fridge say about us?


After dinner, we cleaned up then off to the grocery store(s) we went!

Costco goods:

037 036

Then we got side tracked by the 75% off sign at Pier 1! Oops! The boy forced me in and bought me a few things.

New placemats:

025 026

Some candles:


A new brooch:


And another surprise to be revealed at a later date!

Then we continued on our merry way to the grocery store.

Central Market goods:


I have a feeling that the Coconut Bliss might get broken into tonight!


Hellz yes, it is detox friendly!

More up close and personals:

029 030 032 033 035

Yep, for the last week of the detox, starting Monday, we are making the switch back to unsweetened almond milk. I say “back” like you know what I mean.

Pre-blog days, this was all we drank (milk-wise). But financially speaking, Costco soymilk is more economical for us. But it also has a lot more additives (read: sugar) in it. But it also has more protein. So anyway, Monday marks the switch and I am really excited!

Oh! And also on our way home, we got GREAT news! We are getting a new fridge! Wheeeee! Ours has been leaking and our landlady finally broke down and is getting us a new one all together! We should get it next Saturday!

We are so corny. We think that tonight rocked. We are cuddling up to a movie. Had a good dinner. Had fun grocery (etc) shopping. We are so old. We are not ones for going out dancing or going to bars. I love it just how we are. It’s purrrfect.

Boy oh boy, did I miss the boy! So glad to have him back! Tomorrow’s agenda is laziness. Straight up. LOVE it.



3 Responses

  1. Yay for lazy weekends! My weeks are always so busy, I luuuurve spending a day doing nada!

    Funny, I buy almond milk cause it’s cheaper than soy!! The lack of protein sucks, but I also find you can’t taste it in things, whereas you can with soy milk. Enjoy the new fridge!!

  2. I think your chicken scratch is way better than mine 🙂

    Thanks for the Coconut Bliss shout out, a pint of Cherry Amaretto would not make it’s first night in my freezer without a nibble or 6 out of it!

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