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Sweet Fixings

I’m feeling quite accomplished about today but looking back, I don’t know what I accomplished? Hmph.


I was a little late this morning (cuz I had to blog). Breakfast started out being toast + PB + banana…


… and it ended up as a sandwich in the car on the way to work!


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget my grass.


But I did forget my tea and water.


Eaten a little early, I had leftover b-nut squash soup and stuffed mushrooms!

004 005 006

It didn’t have a lot of staying power. I broke into my orange a little early also.


And needed a snack immediately upon arriving home.


Pepper + artichoke tapenade on crisp bread.


Once my belly was content, I tried to do some interneting and got insanely annoyed with the connection going out every 10 seconds!! GR!

So I decided to get some of my to-do’s done.

Jodus has been gone all week, right?

Well, I’ve never hidden it before, but I am lazy. And not the cleanest person. He does a lot of the chores around the house. So it’s a bit of a disaster with him gone.

009 010

I put on some Lady Gaga and rocked out and cleaned the place to make it presentable! I think I did a good job. But don’t worry, I didn’t do everything. I’m a 90% kinda girl. 😉

REALLY exciting and tasty dinner: leftover ooh lala beans over 2 tiny sweet potatoes topped with some fabulous cilantro!

011 012

It was fabby. I really love sweet potatoes!

The rest of my evening was spent farming, watching a movie, and now Ugly Betty. Then off to bed (and probably a chapter of Cleaving!)

So excited to see the boy tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Our place doesn’t look that messy in those pics, but thanks for cleaning it anyway. Love ya!

    Your dinner looked amazing! So jealous.

    Detox update: I had an apple, a cup of fruit, and a Venti Tazo Green Tea from Starbucks for b-fast this morning. It was challenging trying to eat right while traveling but I think I did well overall.

    Can’t wait to be home. See you in about 11 hours!

  2. Love your blog! Just came across it! That dinner looks delicious even if it is leftovers 🙂 You made leftovers look good!

  3. Ha! My boyfriend is totally the clean one, too! I just spent 45 minutes cleaning the house this afternoon while he was at work!
    Those ooh lala beans look tasty! I love sweet potatoes!

  4. […] you know how last time I showed you what a dump our place gets when the boy is gone? Well, it didn’t take long for me to trash it […]

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