So when I got home last night, well after the 10 o’clock hour, the idiot in me clicked “ok” for a Windows update thus not allowing me to use my Windows programs. Read: Windows Live Writer. I was far too exhausted to wait around for the update to finish so I just headed to bed with Julie Powell.

So let’s get on with yesterday, shall we?


I had a bowl of Styrofoam Kashi 7 Grain Puffs with a whole banana cut up in my bowl: half on the bottom, half on top. Milk = vanilla soymilk. And I decided to sprinkle some cinnamon on top for some flavor.


The cinnamon was perfection.

And of course, an array of beverages!


Grass + cocoa + soymilk, water + lemon, detox tea.


I am so water logged after breakfast these days!


Leftover stir-fry!


Somewhere during the day, I got a call from Nordie’s that another coworker was sick and she asked if I could come in early for my shift tonight. So I left work at 2 to head in.

Because of this small change in my schedule, I swapped my daily orange for an easier to peel banana for the road.


Lovely weather, eh? The upside to leaving early is no rush hour traffic though!


Nordie’s was slow slow slow tonight. Apparently January is one of our slowest times. This weekend, we start the oh-so-fun inventory count. I hear it is a nightmare. I have a couple horrific shifts coming my way.

And I’m still camera shy in the Nordie’s breakroom so I snapped my din-din pics in my car! hehe…

Leftover mung beans over spinach.

007 008

And on my mandatory 15 minute break that evening, I had a Mighty Leaf Green tea with Megan. Unpictured, of course!

Are you guys tired of seeing my tupperware yet? I’m thinking about buying a set of dishes for the office. It’s also safer to heat up food in ceramic than plastic. Now what I mean?! 😉

(And I might have polished off the bag of cashews last night in a mindless munching attack. OOps.)



5 Responses

  1. I’m lucking in that my office has a full cabinet of various dishes! The only rule is if you use them you wash them. No problems there. 🙂

    Looks like you are doing really good on the detox!

  2. Sounds like me, I do updates on purpose too. lol Okay, I need to buy some bananas I’ve been craving them all week, your bowl of cereal looks good.

  3. I have been living off bananas. For some reason, I crave them all the time – love them. I have gotten use to the puffed brown rice cereal I buy. It is flavorless but one cup is also only 60 calories lol
    LOVE Your weather 🙂

  4. Ha, I want to get blog-worthy plates and bowls but I know Mitch will kill me…we don’t have room for more stuff. And I don’t photograph my work meals/snacks, but I go through an insane amount of tupperware each day too. It’s funny, really.

    how are you holding up on your detox? I mean, obviously you’re sticking to it, but how do you feel? Are you counting down the days or is it not that bad for you?

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