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It’s official! I am going to be a permanent part-timer at Nordie’s! Just a couple few days a week to help them out and give me a little extra supplemental income! But I have requested that I get at least one weekend day off so I have at least one day out the week where I don’t work either job! The extra ca$h has been so nice. I think 90% of it has gone to savings! Wahoo!

Ok, back to today!


Jodus made me Caribbean oatmeal while I dyed my hair (same color, just a root touch up).

001 003

More natural light!

And I had a shot of grass.

002 006

I only ate half the oatmeal for some reason. My tummy wasn’t all there.


Breakfast was at like 8:30 am? I was working at 10:30 so on my way out the door, I munched on some tried and true tummy-fillers:


Pumpkin seeds!


Leftover stirfry!


I promise there is rice hiding in there!

Today I got to eat with Megan, a girl in a neighboring department, that went to my same college! We didn’t know each other back then but we knew some of the same peeps. Kinda cool! She swears she’s going to crash my wedding. 😉

When I got home from work, I was greeted with a cup of chamomile tea that went unpictured.


Totally random, I had the idea to do stuffed mushrooms this week. I thought I might use the leftover pesto from our Italian Vegetable Soup and I kinda went from there.


I pureed a block of firm tofu (tastes like ricotta!), chopped some reconstituted sundried tomatoes, and of course the pesto, and the mushroom stalks (chopped) all went in as filling.

014 015 018 019 023 024 025 028

I wish we had had more pesto! That woulda made these BOMB.

The "side" dish to the meal was some roasted b-nut squash that was about to turn on me (pre-cut).

I roasted it with some olive oil, agave, and the juice of 1 orange.


What a waste of an orange if you ask me. Couldn’t even taste it at all! And this was in much need of some SALT.


Again, I didn’t finish my plate.


The boy helped me with that!

During the midst of cooking, I had a handful of Thai Chili Lime spiced Cashews, courtesy of TJ’s.


Now, I am going to enjoy my last evening with the boy until Friday. He’s going to be in Norfolk, VA on business!


6 Responses

  1. Yum!! Those stuffed mushrooms look SO good!

  2. Wow I cant believe I have never done stuffed shrooms. They look wonderful.

    Congrats on your part time gig too! 🙂

  3. Too bad about the almost non-existent orange. At least you got some extra nutrients in! The stuffed mushroom looks amazing, though!

    Congrats on your part-time permanent job at Nordies!

  4. Congrats on the job! I love your discount :o) Umm, been craving stuffed mushrooms…I think I’ll have to do some this week!

  5. […] Eaten a little early, I had leftover b-nut squash soup and stuffed mushrooms! […]

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