Tried And True

FYI about yesterday! I did track and did a tiny bit better! I was around 1400 calories and had a TON of fiber (over 50g!) and a little bit better of a C/F/P ratio. My belly was definitely more content though I know I could have also happily eaten more. I just felt like I was consta-eating!

Let’s see how today went!


Despite a rocky sleep due to the boy last night, I was rather chipper this morning. Maybe it was the extra 6 minutes I got in? 5:36 vs 5:30? Who knows.


The boy scooted out early so I was on my own for breaking the fast. Since yesterday’s b-fast worked so well at appeasing my morning hunger, I did a similar breakfast this morning.

I made two piece of Good Seed toast + peanut butter + banana.


I took a hit off of some grass + cocoa + vanilla soymilk.


And of course my morning tea.


Which didn’t really get drank this morning because of technical difficulties.

This thwarted my hunger for a solid 5 hours.

Then I pulled out another fat big-guns: pumpkin seeds.


I ate ~1/4 cup worth? That’s a lot of calories. A lot.


I’m sure you are as tired of seeing this as I am of eating it:


Miso Soup

This was the last of it… I think. And it was mostly just broth. So it’s a good thing I ate all those pumpkin seeds! I also had some juice with it. Cuz I didn’t have enough liquid already!

My afternoon snack was my daily orange! Jodus mentioned how all my orange pics at work are almost exactly the same so I mixed it up a tad today!



I had a quick early dinner before heading to Nordie’s. I got called in  last minute because a couple peeps called in sick.

I dined on Italian Vegetable Soup + pesto and it was fab.


Work was slow and I had a tiny bit of drama but mostly nothing noteworthy. I am excited to crawl into bed as soon as this goes up!

P to the S: A tad over half of my “holiday weight gain” is gone already. Technically, I packed in 6.5 lbs during the last 2 weeks of the year/beginning of 2010. Granted, Chinese food causes massive water retention. I expect it all to be gone by the end of the detox which is fabby (versus flabby).


5 Responses

  1. yay on half the holiday weight being gone! I was up 3.5 lbs but I’m only weighing myself once a month so it’s hard to tell how much was a real gain and how much was my body reacting to the extra sugar/booze/salt I was feeding it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Great job Leah on the weight loss. I gained 3 lbs but have 1/2 of it gone also.

    That Soy Protein shake? Does it taste good???

    • It’s not a protein shake. It’s just vanilla soymilk + amazing grass + cocoa powder. It tastes ok. As good as greens can, I guess! 😉 I’m sure you could add a scoop of whey to beef it up.

  3. So many great eats. Pumpkin seeds are a lot of calories…but so worth it=deliciousness ;). Your miso soup sounds awesome. Thank you so much for sending me the link. Hope you have a good, drama free weekend 😉

  4. Your orange picture is so cute! Congrats on getting some holiday weight off! : ) Fifty grams of fiber is impressive…stay close to a bathroom today and increase your water so you don’t get backed up!

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