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The goal of today was to not have a looming hunger all day!

Out of curiousity, I logged into my old friend LiveStrong.com to do a quick check on how many calories I consumed yesterday.

Any guesses?

Turns out I was looming right around the ~1200 range.

No good for me.

I’m a 1800-2000 calories kind of girl.

My C/P/F (carbs/protein/fat) ratio wasn’t too shabby. But I could have used a bit more fiber. As a result of reviewing this today, I think I am going to track my intake for today and maybe tomorrow just to see how I am fairing.


I started it off with a hot steamy bowl of banana oatmeal topped with honey and peanut butter.

004 005

With a side of green chai tea.


And a shot of grASS.


AKA Swamp Water.

My first time with Amazing Grass.


I thought I ought to try it straight up before I try and doll it up.

It wasn’t as bad as the Barleans we tried last year. It is mostly just the smell and after taste that get you.

I was sufficiently full after breakfast. More than full. I gave Jodus the last two bites even!


Mid morning at work, my tummy was getting ansy so I filled it with juice!

Beet + carrot + apple + ginger



Hunger was beating down the door again by lunch time! What’s the deal!?

Lunch was another bowl of miso soup.


With a fruit cup chaser.

013 014

My afternoon snacks were fruity!

015 016


When I got home from work, surprise surprise! I was hangry! So I munched on a couple cakes.

017 018

Then I got to work on din din.


Tonight’s menu called for daal (or dal, dahl).

I’m not gonna share the full recipe because honestly, I wasn’t satisfied with it. It did NOT turn out like traditional daal. And my lentils took FOREVER to cook! It drove me nuts!

And worst, I must of had jalapeno residue then picked my nose or something because the inside of my nose is on FIRE! Not to mention my tongue is tingly and I pounded water like cah-razy.

Anyway, here are a few pics.

020 025 026 027 030

And I threw it over some spinach.

031 034

It was ok. I was not thrilled. But I was quite full.

Anyway, I logged what I have eaten thus far today and I’m in the neighborhood of 1200 again and with a poor fat and protein intake for the day. I think it is odd how I am always full right after I eat something but an hour later, I’m hungry! Body?! What’s the dealio?!

But I really want to unplug for the night. No laptop. No movie. No music. Just me and Julie Powell’s new book. (After I clean the kitchen and pack lunch of course. My boy isn’t home to do it. 😉 )

There will probably be snacks of some sort involved. Maybe a date or two? Maybe a handful of nuts? I’m thinking some vegan pesto slathered on a piece of crisp bread sounds divine. We shall see!


7 Responses

  1. Listen to your log honey, you are hungry because 1. Not enough calories, 2. Not enough fat, and 3. Not enough protein. I know you are aware of this, but it’s the fat and protein that take longest to digest, cutting back on those and grrrrumble grrrumble goes the tummy. Enough Mommy advice, your dahl looks great even if it was disappointing.

  2. I’ve tracked on Livestrong this week too. Since going gluten free I’ve been eating whatever I’m “allowed” to and feeling sorry for myself. It’s gotten out of hand! lol!

  3. The daal looks really good. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch. Sorry I wasn’t home to clean the kitchen. 🙂

  4. Honey drizzled on oatmeal sounds and looks good. Glad your trying to get all the cals so you don’t get hungry.

  5. I’ve never had the regular Amazing Grass because I’m too scared of the real wheat grass flavor. I’ve been drinking the chocolate drink AG for almost a year now and I love it. I mix it with milk and to me it tastes like chocolate milk or I use it in green monsters. They also have a berry flavor…

  6. I would diiieeeee on 1200 calories. I’m a 1800-2000 girl too (at least, that’s not including my many bites, licks & nibbles). I also need three things to fill me up: fibre, fat, and protein. Otherwise, like you, I’m what I call “artificially full.” I feel it for an hour then I’m snacky again.

    Be sure to share when you get a successful daal recipe! That will be my next homemade Indian 🙂

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