The Score

I have got to be honest with you, I was a little hungry yesterday. And today, I did only slightly better at loading up more snacks. Last night was killer. I really wanted a cup of cocoa. Or a piece of chocolate. Or to munch on anything. But I settled for a cup of decaf Green Tea instead.

Leah 1 – Chocolate 0

Today, the hunger has not ceased either. Not sure if it is the slight modifications in my diet or if it is because I am suffering from a mean case of PMS but either way, my tummy has been growling at me all day!


I slept in until the last possible moment. It was glorious. I actually got a pretty good night’s sleep and had some CAH-RAZY dreams!

I had a cold bowl of cereal this morning:


I tried out this Kashi 7-grain puffed cereal stuff.


It was lacking in the flavor department and when eaten plain, I felt like I was gnawing on some little styrofoam balls or something.

Good thing I had vanilla soymilk and some strawberry and banana to jazz it up.


I also had a mug of green chai tea while I did some blog reading.


And I took a mint green tea for the road.


Good thing because traffic was HOrrendous! There was an accident and it took me over an hour to get to work. (It usually takes me ~40 min in the AM!)

I had a delicious morning snack!

An orange!


And a handful of pumpkin seeds.



A repeat of yesterday, I had a Miso soup. And I didn’t feel like taking a picture so here’s yesterdays. 😀


After lunch, hunger struck again and I tried to appease it with some H2O.

It worked.


I had a wonderful challenge today. One of the gals in my office brought in Orange Chocolate Sticks from TJ’s.


Any other day I would have.

Leah 2 – Chocolate 0

On the terrible commute way to job #2 (which actually, my hours are very very tiny which makes me relieved but sad for the paycheck or lack thereof) I had another mug-o-tea.

This time, I settled for a lemon herbal tea.


And a ginger snap Larabar!


I swoon for ginger.

Seriously though, everything on the ingredient list is swoon worthy: dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cinnamon, cloves. Full of natural sweetness, healthy fats, and good flavor! I might be in love!


On a quick break at Nordie’s, I ate last night’s African leftovers!

Sweet potato + tilapia + gomen wat that went unpictured because for some reason, I am camera shy in the Nordie’s break room and didn’t snap a pic beforehand. Ugh.

I have had a gnawing hunger all day. Apparently the boy has too. I need to figure out how to beef up our detox diet because this is two days in a row of a hungry belly.

And a hungry belly does not equal a happy Leah.

No work #2 tomorrow, and the boy will be doing work things after work so it’ll be a lonely evening in the kitchen. 😉



4 Responses

  1. I hate being hungry all day… Maybe make your snacks bigger? Like 2 oranges? Eeesh I dunno 😦 All the tea looks yummy! 🙂

  2. I have had the opposite effects…. not hungry. Yesterday, I really wasn’t in the mood to eat. What has kept me full I’ve noticed is my snack of organic peanut butter and an apple (or banana). Oh and Almonds.

    Also, PMS DOES NOT help at all. Damn uterus.

  3. ahh i know what u meen, i feel like that about brown rice puffed cereal.. i like abit of nutmeg and chopped orange in it, gives it a tanggg 🙂 xxxpeony

  4. “Leah 2 – Chocolate 0”

    That’s so cute. Way to go! If I was keeping score, mine would look like this:

    Jodus 3 – Beer 0


    Jodus 8 – Coffee 0


    Oh, and I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying your new travel mug. 😉

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