On The Eve of 2010

So Jodus and I have this habit on NYE. We stay in, watch movies, and eat junk food, and drink.

Gotta go out with a bang, right?

Last year, it was LOTR trilogy + Doritos.

This year, it was… well, I’ll get to that. 😉


Cute boy didn’t have to work this morning so he got to work on breakfast for me instead!


A delicious breakfast sammie!


Egg + bacon on WW english muffin + butter and mayo. oh yes.


I went off to work with 5HE and banana in tow.


I don’t usually share on the blog but I have a 5HE almost daily. This is actually going to be the hardest thing to kick on the detox. It has aspartame in it. Unfortunately. And I’ve even contacted the company to see if they have plans for an aspartame-free 5HE and apparently they don’t, just because there isn’t a good market for it.

The banana was eaten ~10am. Along with a cracker + smoked salmon. And a chocolate.



Because the office was slow and Jodus was home, I left work early! Yipee!

When I got home, It was after 2pm and I had no aspirations to cook or be creative. So, in an effort to clean out the pantry (note the mac & cheese the other night), we eat canned soup.


I glanced at the expiration date, over a year past now. Eeks.


But Jodus reassured me it was fine to eat, using the logic that people keep canned soup for years as emergency food and such.


I promise there was chicken and rice hiding in there.


You may not know this about me.


I hate celery.

I also hate cucumbers.

They taste like nothing.

They are just crunchy.

Me no likey.

Also, this soup needed lots of pepper.


And we had Sweets & Beets on the side.


Pretty unsatisfying.

After lunch, I blogged and farmed for a bit until it was a more reasonable hour to get started.


(That must be a boy arm. Mine’s not that hairy. 😉 )


Rum + Pineapple is one of my favorite drinks now, thanks to a former coworker who turned me on to them.

I had two of these bad boys.


There is 1.5-2 shots of rum in each. Oops. I got a little tipsy. I’m not a big drinker. At least not any more.


A couple of weeks ago, we decided we were going to get Chinese delivery for NYE. I love love love Chinese take out. It’s so amazingly delicious and not having to leave the house or get out of your PJ’s makes it pretty amazing.

008 026

We loaded up.


Hot & Sour Soup


Egg Rolls (free!!)


Generals Tso’s Chicken


Mongolian Beef


Rice was there. (duh)

Fortune Cookies!


Mandatory NYE pic:


My first plate:


After dinner, while watching The Hangover, we broke into some Champagne that was gifted to me on my birthday.


I love the bubbly. I had 2.5 glasses.

Somewhere in my intoxication and switching movies to Knocked Up, I decided I wanted seconds.


Bad idea.

The result = 1 food baby.


Jodus was excited about his second plate too. He was just holding it in his hand, trying to cut a piece of chicken with the side of his fork, the plate FLIPS UP, bops him on the nose, and rice goes FLYING.


I was hysterical for a good 3 minutes solid.

Hot, right? It was funny. We had a good night.

We even broke out the Scrabble board for a game.


Our lazy bums went to bed at 11:15. Didn’t even make it to midnight.

Happy New Year!



3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great way to end the year. You beat out L4LNotDad, he only made it to 9:30. I just watched lifetime channel movies (read Nora Roberts), cheesy but I enjoyed it (by myself…).

  2. Love the post, you crack me up!

  3. […] the same thing twice. But tonight, we found ourselves at the same restaurant we ordered from for New Years Eve (love that post) and we ordered the same exact […]

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