Why Detox?

As I approach my detox (starting on Monday), I want to make sure you guys know why I am doing this and that I’m not totally insane or doing anything insane/unhealthy!

Disclaimer: Obviously I am not a professional and have learned a lot of this through personal experiences and research. You are, of course, free to form your own opinions on the whole matter.

What is Detox?

Detoxifying is actually something that our body naturally does on its own! It’s a process wherein your body attempts to eliminate toxins from our system.

Where do these toxins come from? The air we breathe. The food we eat. Chemicals we put on ourselves. Our body naturally rids itself of many of the toxins but sometimes it needs our help. Toxins tend to be stored in mucosa and fat longer than our organs.  Having excessive toxins in your body has been linked to things like cancer, extreme fatigue, inflammation (like arthritis) and even some dietary related issues such as diabetes. My personal experience with detoxing resulted in more energy and alertness, better sleep, and much better skin.

The natural detoxifying organs in your body are your lungs (filters air), liver (filters blood), your kidneys (filters urine), and your skin (excretes and protects)!

There is also the idea that detoxing helps rid your body of free radicals but I’m not really familiar with the topic so I don’t really want to delve into it. But feel free to research it.

Promoting the Natural Detoxifiers

So we aren’t doing anything crazy here. The idea of what you eat and do during a detox is to promote your own natural detoxifiers. All of the foods and drinks and activities you will see here over the next few weeks are to enhance the activity of the above listed organs.

Enhance your liver by increasing blood flow by exercising and doing yoga.

Enhance your lungs by practicing deep breathing.

Enhance your kidneys by hydrating!

Enhance your skin by using a sauna and toxin-free lotions and make up.

Enhance everything by improving your diet.

We all know that different foods have their own unique properties, minerals and vitamins they house, and how they interact with our body. Like everyone knows that leafy green vegetables like spinach are good for you, but why? Turns out, it has niacin, zinc, calcium, protein, and tons of vitamins. It scores quite high on a nutritional index. Obviously, this is something that we are going to be focusing on in the detox. Eating things that "score" high and tossing out the low "scorers". And it isn’t just fruits and veggies that are full of great stuff! Spices and herbs play a huge role in detoxifying but more on that later!

Who Scores Low?

Think about all the foods that you know you are supposed to avoid or only consume in moderation. Refined sugars. Refined carbohydrates. Artificial sweeteners. Alcohol. Caffeine. Nicotine. Refined Oils.

Being that this is a 3 weeks program, the first week is to decrease the consumption of these types of items. As well as meat products, dairy included. All you "Clean" eaters out there, the detox is pretty much just your average diet. By the end of it, it’s a mostly vegetarian diet with full avoidance of added sugars and preservatives and additives.

Drink Up!

Water is going to be your best friend for flushing out toxins. Lots and lots of water! If you add a lemon wedge, that will help balance your stomach acid too!

So alcohol is out. Caffeine is out. What else is in?

Tea! Glorious tea! I plan to ramp up my green, white, and herbal tea drinkage (yes, I am aware that there is some caffeine in green and white tea). I also have a specific detox tea that I drink made from dandelion and burdock root along with other spices.


I’ve never really advocating a lot of supplements on my blog but I am a proponent. I used to take a daily multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin C everyday but my stomach just can’t seem to handle it these days. That being said, even if you don’t see me supplementing, it is highly recommended.

At the minimum, I suggest 2000mg/day of fish oil, 500mg/day of Vitamin C, and a probiotic. You yogurt eaters out there are probably getting plenty of probiotics but this is going to be a dairy-free program! Probiotics are healthy bacteria that hang out in your intestines and just make everything run more smoothly.

Be On The Look Out

Week 1 detox info to come!



2 Responses

  1. I’m proud of you for doing this…and I’m interested to learn more. I feel like I want to do a detox at some point but probably not right away…I’m thinking maybe sometime in Feb or March. I have a question. How does your detox affect your energy levels? I know a friend that does cleansing for religious reasons and basically can’t work out during the week or whatever because she’s not eating much

    • The first week, my energy levels are a tad lower than usual as my body adjusts but the following 2 weeks, I have a lot of energy! More than usual! There is a theory that during your first week, as your toxins are coming out of the fat and tissue stores, entering your bloodstream, and leaving your system, you feel the “symptoms” of the toxins moreso than when they were in the stored fat.

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